Monday, 31 October 2011

Rain+Muara Ikan Bakar Session

salam and hello world.

a very good morning to all of you guys. how are you? it's perfect monday for me today. lots of good news and good moments too. start wif perfect dinner wif boo last night. eating session in raining was soooo damn romantic. walla! seafood session with him again at muara ikan bakar, tjg harapan, klng. this is one of my fav seafood place. even though u feel like quite expensive. but yet, if you compare their prices with few of their competitors at that area. you will find their price much more reasonable and cheaper. since 1 of the kedai in the middle of pedestrian walking area. sumpah ridiculous! hell for me! mahal gile. last time i pegi sana. rasa nk cekik those people. 2 air, teh o ais, n teh tarik, nasi putih 2. sayur kailan. ikan siakap yg  stim limau. 50 hengget.  pale otak dia. mkn at muara. last nite pon baru 52 ringgit inclusive of those udang n sotong celup tepung. fresh orange and carrot milk summore.  and of cos the ikan. see kn da diff. so dont judge the exterior of kedai before u eat. kedai kecik mcm tuh lgik mahal. grrr! tp dekat bagan lalang lgik hell cheaper. i love there. tp jauh skit nk pegi. oh boo nanti kita g sana lgik eh eh?

 peta tanjung harapan, klng and you wont miss this fav place of mine, muara ikan bakar. just at the corner of the road. nyummy!

what a perfect dinner after all since it's been a few days i didn't see boo. but the best part of it, our food has been exchange with pakcik sebelah's food. haha! pity dat pakcik. tp takpe, since dia dah kenyang n makan byk already. at the first place, we only order ikan jenak masak masam manis and udang & sotong celup tepung with sayur campur. while waiting mcm biasalah, i on9 thru my ipad n borak2 with boo. gelak2 sana sini. sekali smpai sayur depan kitaorg. haha baru lepas order teros sampai, both of us kinda shocked a bit. and i say, we didn't order pon. he said. tp meja 54 neh. ruper nye pakcik sebelah tuh yg meja 55 tuh b4 dis duduk at my place. then pindah pegi sana. ok. fine. then after quite some time. smpai la his food mcm2. got 3 ikan stim. b4 dat 1 ikan 3 rasa. sayuran2 la apa la. then. lama after dat. smpai la our food.

ikan dah sampai, both of us, laju2 makan sb super duper lapa. dgn feeling yg ala2 raining in me. ahaks. mkn dlm hujan gitu. smbey angin sepoi2 bahasa, melancholic sgt. tepi laut lgik. perfect sgt. then. mkn2. then i say to boo: eh masak masam manis dia sama kn dgn ikan stim limau yg kita selalu order. boo ckp, maybe cara masa dia sama. or nama dia panggey mcm tuh kot. sambey tuh makan2. half way, ikan pon dh half ilang. suddenly mamat waiter tuh boleh letak another plate of ikan. i just roll my eyes to the fish and looked at boo. boo pulak. bro, kitaorg tak order pon tuh. kitaorg beli 1 ikan jerk. mamat tuh seems blur tp dia kata maybe mistake n nk check blik. then later smpi la supervisor dia. dtg wif dat ikan blik. i just say to them. takda. we order 1 jerk. tp dia kata nih order sini. i ckp no. then ok ada mistake. makan makna makan. suddenly i heard pakcik sebelah ckp. "dik. ikan stim pakcik lgik 1 mana? lama dah pakcik tunggu neh? (sambey dia eating 3 lagik ikan stim dia). aku teros pandang boo. omg! boo entah2 kan. dis ikan. pakcik tuh punyer. ikan tuh td mmg kita punye. kn pakcik tuh td duduk at this table? hahaha! rasa nak pingsan. boo gelak. naseb dia kata. betol la tuh. neh kn stim. hahahahhaha! bodo hell org yg letak tuh pon. aku ala2 feeling sgt mkn2 tepi laut. sah2 la prot dah kemaruk lapa. nak2 kena tunggu lama. penyudah nye fud dah smpi. aku ngap jerk la. haha! salah siapa???? grrrr!

pity dat pakcik. ampon yer pakcik! blik jerk i just proceed with all those globus things. godek2 until 12 midnight. then. naseb still menyebelahi my group. yey! dpt no 2. lgik still like dat day. weehuu! tertutup la mulot2 berbau longkang itu. fuhh amin. rasa nak nari2 ular jerk mlm tadi. lantas after those results kuar. laju2 aku teros tido ngan harapan hari neh mls nk g kelas. tp just nk wat  few readings for tomorrow nyer test. oh indah nyer. i hate gbi class. so malas nk g. grrr! die. his work haram jadah tak wat ape3 lagik. those final individual assignment n report will kill me definitely. grr! pray for miracle.

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Salam & hello again.

few hot stories tonight. let us share few of them. well lets stars with the biggest one first. of cos congratulations to all negeri sembilan's fans tonight and for the players especially. congrats for winning the malaysian cup! yey! for ganu's hope you guys will try your luck next year. well basically its a good moments and good game of cos. 

and not to mention; congrats to MU too, welcome back to the game & league. hope u guys will focus more this time; nak nak dah ada mister potato sbg sumber energy. haha. makan mister potato jerk sure ingat mu! happy to see them on the right track again. even though just 1-0 jerk with everton. but yet. it still an achievement. haha! for chelshit; haha boooooooooooooooo. poyo lagik lebey kn. syabas sb dah dikalahkan by arsengal tonight.  happy moment.! haha to chelshit's fan, booooooooooo (specific boooooo for my friends ok! haha esok 1 malaya boo aku kat sini. die!)

but deep inside my happy moment; i do feel isolated tonight. with those good friends of mine from degrees last time are making some kind of reunion or something. but the best part of it, they dont even ask me to join in, or inform me that they are having some kind of gathering in kl.arghh! kecik hati? maybe. since they are good friends of mine. so its kinda weird actually. well another thing is even my sister knowing that they will have some gath, but did'nt inform me earlier. and i always be the last one to be told to. am i that creepy or cruel until u guys don't want to invite me in? fine. thanks yer. takpe la. as usual i will always know, whom is my friends and whom is my enemy. and the most and the one n only my best friend is always my mom. she is the best i ever had. since i can trust her wif all of my heart. and the best part of it she will never back-stabbed  me. 

entah mybe i'm having some kind of hormones changing in myself until i do feel weird right now. i dunno i even have some kind of grieving with my boo. arghhh i dunno; and i really hate this kind of feelings. grieving with my own fiancee is one of the most stupid feeling ever.  maybe i'm getting older. haha! dem! i really hate this isolated feelings. takpelah. hoping that i will be able to over come this prob real soon.  benci benci benci. arghh but yet everyone have their own life yg tersendiri. myb i always put that kind of gap with them and summore make myself isolated from them; since i have boo, or perhaps because i have to focus on my study. logik ker? haha. lantak! mls nk pikir. eh eh sentap lak memalam neh. wakakkakaka! puiii!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Marathon Updatting

Salam and hello there.

it's been a super bz week with all those assignment and globus things. as well as few event to be attended. so it's going to be like a marathon updating day. haha. a week's entry will be under 1 post. ahaks. pity me and sorry!

ok we going to start with saturday!

last saturday was one of the best weekend ever; i'm having photo shoot  wif my boo actually. well i'm buying those super valued tickets from groupon as usual. under pre-wedding photo shoot. super berbaloi2 as ever. buying pre-weds session for only RM150 instead of RM 550; with the photo book, photo canvas, photo editing, and dvds. and wat else. hurm forgot already. but as for me super berbaloi2. sgt2.well this photo shoot session will be done with covershots. they are one of the best bridal and wedding planner in town. located at kelana jaya. super nice place. but kinda hard to find its place, unless u r kelana jayarians. haha! the photo shoot when very2 well. the photographer really good; since he know my boo kinda shy, so he make him become very comfortable and easily to work with. and me either. well on that day, i was wearing something like indonesian kebaya with silk, which for me its kinda gorgeous. haha! well i have to admit. it is a nice place. they have something like english moden weds place which surrounded with all those lake things, white, calm place. so the outfit and my outdoor scenery every contradict; hope it will give an impact towards my pic. and at the same time will leave some kind of new perspective in photography. ewah! haha!. see the pics there. nice kn place dia. very moden english white style weds. usually suitable for those Chinese; civil marriage. for malays. tak sesuai la kot. unless for photoshoot session and some kind of hi-tea session. nice sgt.

for more info on covershots u can view them here:


ok on sunday; boo bring me to his friends weds at pantai dalam, pusat komuniti something. so the wedding was nice and went very well. but the unpleasant things about the weds is.. his friends actually. arghhh! i totally hate, irritate, benci, menyampah since they tends to be so fucking belot and berbelit2. omg! sgt super bersabar la aku on dat day. mana nk kaver cun lgik.nak kaver muka supaya nampak baik so dat boo takkan malu in front of his friends. tp those girls really irritate me since dia sgt tergedik2 dgn my fiancee. hell right. omg! i hate them. menyampah sampai rasa nak smack down jerk sekor2 time tuh.

haha. boo knows it. and keep on teasing me about dat. grrr! aku siyes menyirap dia leh memain lak kan. sabo jerk la. after dat as usually involve with those globus things. blik pon still ngadap them algik n lagik. smpai naik benci dah di wat nyer. end up. berserah jerk la. last minute masa aku dah blur. nini on9 and update few things. after 12. results kuar. yeye! we are on the right track. no 3 bebeyh. haha!

p/s: the pusat komuniti pantai dalam hill park neh dean dia super nice. new and very rich in the way it being design. so saper2 nk kawin2 di sini sile la g jenguk2. sb siyesly nice. even my boo seniri kata, grand jugak kt sini. haha.


super malas nk g kelas prof serba tahu tuh. i hate it. tapi tabah kan hati untuk pegi jugak . as usual azam of the week. "penuh kan attendance g kelas". haha. funny kn? as usual masa presentation, dia akan nyelit2 ckp itu n ini salah. fakta tuh ini salah. seems like he knew everything. tak suke proportions dorang nyer presentation. tak suke the way they present it. sume ada la. smpai 1 tahap muke budak2 tuh dah jadik cam haram kt depan sb nyampah. baru bukak mulot seketol dia dah smash gile2. creepy. since aku group 10. FDI nye topics. lagik la mati sb itu mmg makanan dia. his fav topics. i'm dying! say hello to death. haha! blik meredah hujan sampai basah lenjun. tak kira nak blik jugak. nk tunggu hujan stop sure gile lambat. aku dah tak saba2. redah nye redah, berlari panjat tangga batu caves tuh.hamik kau. pancit disitu. haha! mcm tenuk semput dah gaya nyer. berlari2 dlm hujan sambey tercungap2. haha. dengan letih n gelak tawa. oh super memburuk kan keadaan.
 worst! blik selsema. huhu.


indah ker? suam2 kuku jerk kot. kelas yg super penuh n kelas smpai ptg.g kelas. bincang glo-bus lgik n lgik. smpai benci. dia suh buat quiz. tp takle bukak. end up bebudak neh call her smlm. masa dia open back the quiz, dia teropen back those year 6 company simulation tuh. so certain of them think that kena buat blik. n stat buat. tp like 5pm ++ dia off blik. so dah ada 2 result. masa kelas tuh dia leh ckp yg mlm neh again u have to redo. sb tak fair for those groups yg tak smpat ubah. masa tuh berlakau la adegan dengki mendengki. hasut menghasut. arghhhh! benci. ruper nyer ada api dlm sekam. eh yer ker? haha lantak. kesimpulan nya. pendengki. atas usaha separuh ammpos aku mlm tuh bertungkus lumus. finally my group dpt no 2 plak. haha.


Happy diwali to all my beloved indian friends. masa org duk happy2 beraya aku sedap hell tido sb letih wat globus simulation tuh. the my sister ajak watch movie wif her n her friend. movie. the thing. haha. super saikotic la dat film. kuar dari watch taht movie laju2. aku cek her teeth ada simen lgik ker tak. haha. a should seen movie. naskah berat skit. n slow. but best. dia super lain dari yg lain. tak sangka la. 

and dis movie penah di wat before this like in 1982. so u can startla goole it. Antarctica/scientist/ alien/ creepy. those things la kan. 

u can view them at here:


p/s: currently enjoying holidays at my hometown. huha session wif my youngest sister. super happy. and she also seems so happy that i'm here with her. happy deepavali to my indian friends too.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Reel Steel

Salam Jumaat semua.

its been few days i didn't update anything in here. well kinda bz with those ABR projects; which we have to submit to our supervisor next week. perhaps. haha! hoping that everything will went very2 well. 

so untuk menenang kan persaan yg maha berkecamuk dgn segala kejadah dateline yg merepek meraban. maka laju2 la mengheret my boo utk meneman kan diri ku ini tok menonton pawagam tgv itu. oh supe indah rasa nye.hari2 belek buku pon gile stress. maka oleh yg demekian rupa. laju2 ler menghadap satu mobie baru. so i just realize the last was "Hantu bonceng' which sgt lama kn? isk isk. pity me! so g tgk "Reel Steel" lakonan mantap Hugh Jackman which is super hensem with his ketol2 muscle. ahaks! hey super hensem la dia neh. geram sgt. the best part for me. masa dia berlatih boxing with robot tuh. super cool. another scene yg best for me, masa his son Mark tuh dancing with the robot. hoomaiigodd super cool. rasa mcm real jerk. feeling sgt nak nari2 jugak n follow their steps. haha. gile hell best. and persaan teruja and excitement dia memuncak when charlie tuh guna his own ability utk lawan dgn zeus tuh. 

sgtla bersemangat and wajarian sgt. hahhaa! wajarian? ok new words of the day. cool kn? well its a must watch movie after all. rasa mcm nk sekend time jerk. ahaks. anyone?
so this story was set up in near future  where robot boxing is a top sport, a struggling promoter feels he's found a champion in a discarded robot. During his hopeful rise to the top, he discovers he has an 11-year-old son who wants to know his father.Mark was so brave summore super cute. geram! This superb film was directed by Shawn Levy. The film is based on the 1956 short story "Steel" by Richard Matheson, (bravo!) though Levy placed the film in U.S. state fairs and other "old-fashioned" Americana settings. Real Steel was in development for several years before production began on June 11, 2010. Filming took place primarily in the U.S. state of Michigan. Animatronic robots were built for the film, and motion capture technology was used to depict the brawling of computer-generated robots and animatronics.  

so as the conclusion the movie was so superb until u can't wait for more more more and more. my satisfactory level like 4.5 stars.  haha! i love them so much. hoping to see more film like this.

ok for those whom didn't see the movie lgik. do watch this thriller 1st. maybe u guys can get the first impression; how great it is. walla!
love them. enjoy~

have a nice day guys.

love & regards.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Gloomy Tuesday

Salam and another hello to u guys.

well today, the weather and sky seems to understand me more the usual. with another hell night for me since those stupid nursing college below my apartment are making millions of noises. from singing, to laughing, followed by lari2 n kejar2 session. men basikal session which is so sumpah menyakit kan hati aku tahap dewa dewi. up to 3am ++ aku berjaga n unable to sleep. wake up dis morning with mata yg sumpah sgt kecil n tak berdaya. tapi terpaksa gagah kn diri gile2 sb tak nak terlepas another class of mrs torrance. hoomaiigod. she is super annoying tahap mentibang laut. we try to speak to her about our difficulties because of her glo-bus. she try to understand us, but yet know we just realize that nothing change. since our main point of the discussion with her dis morning is to ask her understand to make us having more ample time to do that glo-bus. instead of we have to settle it on 1 day. can it be made in 2 /3 days. that is our point. but sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! arghhh! make more difficult.

entah la things getting weird lately and aku rasa will getting more complicated. so memerlukan super ketabahan and kekuatan. thereore, i guess i need toplan few percutian short distance since aku getting giler dgn those hell works of mine. but come on la, last sem kn. hahai. that is the price that i have to pay before grade. well on top of it i just saw a few groupon ticket discount which is so fascinating for me.super cheep and i believe i would love to grab of those token. later will discuss with boo. since our last holiday was at tambun, even cameron pon just 1 day trip. last 1 day trip was at genting last 2 weeks. haha! overnight dlm kereta which is so best sb gile hell sejok smpi ketab2 bibir. tuh sume gara2 hujan yg super lebat.hamikk ko. gile hell sejok.

homaiigod i really need a holiday trip. before that, this weekend i'm going to ask boo to take me to watch reel steel. tak saba nk pegi tgk. sume ckp sedap & best. so nk taw gak. mcm mana kah kebestan dia tuh. lepas tuh this week our pre-wed photo session will be held at kJ. tak saba. tgh pikir2 baju apa yg nk dipakai. since bz wif those works sampai terlupe got photoshoot session later. hoomaigood. apa nk jadik la neh.
got ideas? nk simple2 jerk la kot since malas nk wat preparation yg beria2 sb takot tak sempat nk wat byk2 benda. summore with those assignment yg byk. ok. ya rabbi semoga i have ample time manage things here as well as pink in health. amin!

have a nice day! wish me luck. tomorrow got test. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

Hello Monday

Salam and hello.

monday. another difficulties for me; since i hate gBI class. haha! but yet today, i'm so happy since the GBI class was cancel. even though is kinda last minute information being given to us. grrr! i was at the toll already just now. gile! haha siap sengih2 and lumpat2 dalam kereta since knowing class cancel. yet call kak tz nk confirm kn yg class really cancel smbey wat ayat seday. ahaks! totally berlakon of me. yucks! actually was so happy. 
later having lunch with few friends of mine at old town. grr! i was afraid to go there actually since rumors saying it is not HALAL. yet, my friend convince to me that, the outlet having halal certificate from Jakim. then i convince myself not to have any bad perceptions before knowing true things. then i remember clearly my aunt voices saying that, there are few outlets of old town that is halal. (she has went into jakim herself, to know the truth+she went for some kind of ceramah or something..bla bla bla. all the process to obtain halal at jakim, she know since she have the kopitiam at bangi; which areadi have the halal certificate.) so i keep to myself, that might be one of them.
reached at the old town, i'm rushing to the counter to see the certificate of that outlet myself. ok then sumpah rasa lega and no more perasaan curiga & was-was. haha! since i was one of the member's of halal team at Kn before, so i know that certificate is the originals one. not the fake one.

it makes me remember my boo so much. since we used to dating at old town last time. haha. before all the raises issues of old town; since i'm so addicted at their mee kari. superlicious.  grrr! boo knows it very well. and he knew i did miss old town's mee curry. haha. so today i just tapau for him some chicken curry wif rice for him and the white coffee itself. 

** mr perfect has cancel his class, let's meet mrs creepy tomorrow. i hate her!  and the following day will be test! gosh! chapter 1 - 4. i just realize i didn't make any revision at all. say hello to the mr failed.  haha!

have a nice day guys. 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nadhira - Tear Us Apart Feat. Ron E Jones (Official Music Video)

ok a few days ago. like thursday if i'm not mistaken. i just realize that this is malaysian brand of songs. totally superb, nice. and amazing. didn't sound like malaysian product at all. thumbs up for them.
totally a good song. cute nadhira and ron! walla~

below is the lyrics of the song. enjoy guys!
From the first time we met each other
I knew that we'd be together
I saw in your eyes
It's just a matter of time

Don't know if this feels like the real thing
Tell me what to do where do I begin
Don't know where to start
Should I let you in my heart

And all it took was one touch, one kiss
I've never felt love like this
I pray I wish we can have this forever

I told you from the very start
It's always gonna be about us
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

I knew that we would make it this far
No nothing's gonna tear us apart
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

Girl you know that now we're together
I won't leave your side forever
You know that i'm yours
Baby, you're my only girl in the world

Now I have no reason to be alone
Fell in love with you
You are now my home
I'll always be true
I see no one else but you

And all it took was one touch, one kiss
I've never felt love like this
I pray I wish we can have this forever

I told you from the very start
It's always gonna be about us
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

I knew that we would make it this far
No nothing's gonna tear us apart
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

Ain't nothing gonna tear us
Ain't nothing gonna tear us
Ain't nothing gonna tear us apart

Ain't nothing gonna tear us
Ain't nothing gonna tear us
Ain't nothing gonna tear us apart

And all it took was one touch, one kiss
I've never felt love like this
I pray I wish we can have this forever

I told you from the very start
It's always gonna be about us
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

I knew that we would make it this far
No nothing's gonna tear us apart
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

Result of the tiredness syndrome.

Salam  & weehuu.

chak! jeng jeng! taraaaaaaaaa~!! 
refer picca kt sbelah neh. surprise!! kn kn? haha! 

another hi there for u guys. i just dunno, what kind of mood that i'm having in here. happy+crazy = hazy. hahahha! i just don't know what should i do. tiredness has cause me a lot of trouble and gave me such a big impact. well just now, doing the quiz 2. 20 questions within 1 hour and 30 minutes are so fucking not enough for me since it is a calculation things. summore, with those stupid ridicoulars questions in there, make me taram menaram n men tikam2 like hell. haha. MBA students jawap sambil men tikam. caye tak? 

percayalah. sumpah i just taram menaram. siap sempat google for formula lgik tuh. hahahahhaha! kinda finance type of questions. agak nya its kinda of curse for me kot. haha last sem byk sgt ngumpat mozilla fire sweet gozdilla. hahaha! penyudah nye sume ilmu2 finance dia sekelumit jadah tak melekat dlm pale hotak aku neh ha. 

dengan keadaan penat+nyampah+benci+hasutan setan+buat dgn kadar otak yg tin kosong giler2+tak baca buku+maki hamun n serah+bosan+tak pandai. haha finally dpt la 50 marks jerk. wakkakakakakka! taram menaram pon dpt ngam2 jerk. kepala hotak sgt! lantak la. mls nk pikir. totally blur td. mana nak wat kuiz tuh. mana nk belek final year 6 projects lagik. haish. obviously it's killing me la this system. sumpah mcm bodo sgt rasa nye kn. grrr! i hate it and totally hate it.

haha after obtain result laju2 mengadu sama mr fiance laju2 dia gelak kan.dia kata budak malas baca buku tuh la bahana dia. tak geram? grr! baru nk mengadu ngan penuh kasih syg, laju2 aku sentap. haha!

** mu tight with liverfool, 1-1.haha. i've told u guys. main dgn org lain bantai giler2. penyudah nye when they meet each other. result ala kada jerk. haha.  myb betol la like my mom kata sb dedua teror. haha ayattt~!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

OK! sumpah saya mengamuk and marah!

ok tgh membelek2 kejadah globus neh suddenly got update for my classmate saying that got Practice year 8 to be submitted tomorrow night! kepala hotak sgt taw! these fcuking 3 days aku hanya ngadap keja ko jerk. bengong tol! jumaat, sabtu, ahad. abes assignment aku yg belambak n research. n test to be submitted minggu depan neh sapa yg nk buat kn. arghhhhhhhhhhhhh sumpah aku stress smpai rasa nk memaki hamun sume org. eeeeee kepala hotak betol la. apakejadah sejadah nye ntah! i just dunno and dont understand how on earth she dare to do to us like dis. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sumpah ko berjaya menimbulkan kemarah aku memalam neh. ko takda keje boleh la wat arahan itu ini. but yet org lain neh sume kna sacrifice our time to do this fcuking stupid work. arghhhhhh! i hate u! gila! seriously i'm getting crazy and hate this kind of situation.

Enemy Of All Time.

Salam & Hello Again.

**tq mr google for da pics. 
currently watching football; while blogging for a while; while waiting for other friends of mine to do of glo-bus again tonight. it the old time favorite team are playing; between my fav team manchester united and liverfool. haha! sorry kinda bias there. but yet; its suits them well. haha! its one of the important game for mu tonite, but yet currently i'm away at my home town; kinda missing my fiance of cos. since usually we will watching football together at mamak. their port @cheras. 

i just wonder, it half time already yet the score is still nil for both group. both are giants in this industry yet, when ever meet up, they tends to play behind their own capacities. doesn't it sounds a bit weird there? might be bcos both of the teams are good and equal strength. bak kata pepatah melayu lama like "bertemu buku & ruas". haha! ok2 good luck guys. ok therefore, better i stop myself from being super bias in here.
can't wait to see the results later. haha. or else, my fiance friends sure will be laughing and bahan2 aku like hell. haha they know i'm going back to my hometown this week, then just now sent me msg saying; "haha lari balik kg ker wei, takot eh?" haha gile! 

later i'm going to update whom win it. 

**** super stress, haiyaa bonda mau tgk bintang akhir klasik nasional. hey geram betol. tgk ler tb atas bonda wei. tb atas manada sports. hoomaigoood. game penting dia leh wat klakar plak. grrrr! 

internet yg sekelumit

Salam and hello.

good morning everyone. how's life? had your breakfast already? wonderful saturday right? nice weather when i wake up; really make my life so peaceful. yet, last night when the time i'm struggling doing the glo-bus system, suddenly internet become so stingy to share its connection to help me. pity my group members have to do it on their own. i'm unable to help since the connection of the internet become so stingy!
so rasa bersalah sgt towards them, and feel like crying so much. menyusah kan betol celcom neh. p1 pon sama. gile sekelumit. asik2 disconnect jerk keje nyer. nk pakai unifi kng, my area lom tiba lgik. summore quit expensive jugak. super tension tahap mentibang laut. nk tak nak kena la redha jerk. just hoping that my buddies will understand even thou sure dorang nyirap gile like hell kn 4 sure. hahahahha! but sumpah. i'm so guilty. hoping i'm able to turn back time and pijak2 celcom neh supaya tak sakit hati sgt. grrr!

sumpah benci giler. tp ampon kawan2. sy tak berdaya..
*** hasil dari kerja rakan 2 sy, our group dapat good place sgt for me. so much improvement from the earlier practice before.

but tonight hope everything will when well. and internet line akan much more better. i really want to participate. 

Friday, 14 October 2011

Updated versionof glo-bus!

walla. quick update! see that. haha its 100% beb! congrats me now please. i just love stress. it always make me look more intelligence! haha! stress make us more intelligence. hurm nice quote! need a specific and scientific research i guess to prove it one day. haha!


Love ya~! 


Salam and another hi for everyone.

again! tension for another redundant and millions of workloads. pity me! MBA doesn't seems as easier as i've been taught. summore with the last semester students of MBA, title has burden me a lot with those research stuff; assignment; grouping discussion, summore individual works to be submitted, projects here and there. and the best part of it; my fav of professor (your wish!) has given us extra works to be done; by insisting us to buy the most ridiculous system ever in my opinion. since it cost us about $USD 38.95 only. gosh! come on! ya ya i know, maybe for some of you, alahai its only $USD 38.95 which when u convert into Ringgit malaysia like +- something like RM130++. not to be mention the transaction fees bla bla. 

**picture taken directly from my webby; credit to my own lappy!

hooomaigoood. please la that creepy and freaking system only will be useful for like what 3 months and a half only. then u wont used it anymore. what the hell?!#!%!  arghhhh! most of us can't see the relevant of buying that! that was last week. and the system work like, you have to manage things in your company. and make sure like you earned high profit, EPS, as well as reducing the production cost and bla bla bla.  not to mention those ratios things of ROA, ROE, bal blabla bla.  well it might relevance if you buy it as a group and the cost will be divided by 3, since the decision can only be made by 1 person/1 account holder, not 3/4 or 2. even though you have like 5 in your group, but the decision will be like 1 only. then no point like when each of the group member buying the system. it might be better if we buy 1 pin, then be shared among us. that will be more effective and competitive i think! rather than doing this way! lead to the complaint like this obviously and unsatisfactory, regret and of cos disappointment. the things that u have to look before deciding is the effectiveness of the system and the outcome that the students will be obtained. right? instead of looking at the advantages you will get when using this stupid system; easier work for u, since u don't have to struggle to teach and come across with the arguments with your students. 

but yet. even though how many times i argue; yet i have to finish those insane work of mine before this midnight. just need a few minutes to be human and real me, that's the reason y i keep on mumbling everything in here. sorry taking your time by reading those insane things that i being mumble around today. haha! pity my beloved fiance; he have to listen to this nonsense since last week. pity him! love u so much darling. that's the reason why i choose u. u like an angel, having millions of patience with me. understand me more than anyone ever do. cheer me up whenever i'm moody and selekeh with those workloads. lend me your shoulder and wiping my tears when im having difficulties. thanks my lord for sending him to me!

p/s: I love you boo!

***mode: tension tahap gaban bertanduk. submission dateline is tonight, 2 assignments.
                     1 tomorrow night. 11.59pm (dateline)
                     wednesday --> test
                     tuesday ---> submission assignment prof cantik!
                    = i need my beauty sleep!

Downton Abbey

Salam and hi there.

its thursday, opss now is midnight obviously its friday. ok, so i just wanna share one of the new interest of mine. have u guys watch this series of downton abbey at Diva universal channel? @702. yups its kinda new but yet, this week is the 6th episode of it already. i just love the series. as you know, i'm so kinda addicted to those aristocrats things.. england.. british accents. it make me feel alive. i dunno since i was a kid, i'm so addicted to it.

 Btw you should seen this series. totally awesome and something new. The series is set in the fictional Downton Abbey, country house of the Earl and Countess of Grantham, and follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants early in the reign of King George V. so its all about the family itself, her 3 daughters, and their servants too. conflicts here and there as usual. among servants too of cos, yet its awesome.

they start the series with introducing the lives of their servants, wake up at 6am, start working, tidying the castle, then prepare for breakfast. once the Earl's familys wake up the will ring the bells to let their servants know that they already wake up. haha! nice one. then it move on into the cases of titanic that being sink in April 1912. then move on to the outbreak of the First World War on 4 August 1914. Much of the focus is on the need for a male heir to the Grantham estate, and the troubled love life of Lady Mary as she attempts to find herself a suitable husband.

The device that sets the drama in motion is the entail that accompanies the (fictional) Earldom of Grantham, which endows both title and estate exclusively to heirs male. This is complicated by the fact that the estate had been near financial ruin, and was only saved when the present Earl, then the heir apparent, contracted a wealthy marriage with an extremely rich American heiress. Upon marriage, her considerable fortune was contractually incorporated into the comital entail in perpetuity.

The Earl, having had only three daughters and no son, had arranged for his elder daughter to marry her cousin Matthew (hensem one, of cos ahaks!), and son to the heir presumptive, thus keeping both title and estate within the immediate family. The demise of both heirs presumptive in the sinking of the Titanic destroys the family plans and brings a distant cousin, a young solicitor from Manchester, in line to inherit everything, including the personal wealth of the Countess, who will not be able to bequeath it to her daughters.

the best part of it, their houses, or in this case the main setting is at Highclere Castle in Berkshire; and was used for exterior shots of Downton Abbey as well for some of the interior filming. the series cost them like £1 million per episode. millions? summore in pound. gosh! no wonder the first season only have 7 episodes. haha! wew~!

this series has become new phenomena in tv industries since its boom in most of the major countries. wallaa! so far as my concern, there are 3 series/ season already. currently showing at malaysian tv is the 1st season. i just cant stop myself from fall in love with it. i've download the 1st season already. haha! kill me now
! weehu!

** thanks mr google for your kindness; for giving me chances to steal few pictures of yours. thank you. haha!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Another creepy nite!

Salam & hello!

Another creepy nite for me. unable to sleep. i guess it almost morning when i can sleep safe and sound. like almost 5am in the morning. GOSH i really hate those students staying below my apartment. they tends to make so much noise, whenever they needed. come on, and have a life please. your are not kids anymore. please la respect those neighbor whom got babies, those kids whom going for school, yet at 2 and 3am you start your own concert , which is so dem fcuking disaster for me. well since i'm just 1 floor above them, obviously i will heard clearly. come on la guys, do respect your neighbors. they seem like 'terlepas from kandang' or something. enjoying life so muuch without parents to be concern, and far from their mumbling here and there.  BUT Yet! do respect us.

Too much noise usually make me unable to sleep; it will distract my concentration.  creepy isn't it? after a long day , then u unable to spend your quality time at bed, grrrr1 i feel like i wanna kill them this morning. to make things worst, mosquitoes attacking all over. perghhh! sumpah menyirap giler like hell!

seriously, thank god i still realize that i'm a girl or else, im sure going to yelled at them and crack and kick their ass making concert with those rock music and techno music all over, and then their gig-lings, singing, running all over the house, and bunyi periuk sana sini, kedegang kedegung. Hoooomaiiigoooodd. please la. at nite let them be sandals. cant even move/ or hear their voices.  haha! baru padan muka korang! haa suker sangat bising2 sana sini kan? mmg patot sgt la if kena sumpah cenggitu.

therefore, moral of the story here peeps, do respect your neighbor. privacy is the priority! why do we choose, such quite apartment condo, is because we want a privacy. happy life, got guards over there, safety and pleasant life. but you! the management of stupid nursing college at klang! has make my life so hard lately by make this apartment as your hostel! Stupid organization, if those students are well mannered than it's fine with me. but with those hanky panky stupid student, voices here and there. make things become so hard for us. the organization should concern on this matters. come on, find 1 good place for them. spent out some money,rent a building or something. this is not a hostel! lelaki and perempuan campur. isnt it so stupid, to separate them 1 house lelaki n girls. tp letak sebelah menyebelah. hello when those kakitgn is not there, this house being open like a restaurant, and anyone can masuk and lepak2. those girl pulak, house selamber lelaki can masuk, then duduk at balcony, mengankang besar2 n feeling like nk blajar main gitar. summore pakai those hot pants with sleeveless. siang, bertutup litup, summore ckp kelantan. perghhh!!! unacceptable langsung!
super duper stupid like hell!

hooomaigoood. jahat nau mulot aku neh kn. but yet. those are facts, that the management should look all over again. come on guys, you've been student before. of cos u will know those tricks. i'm a student, i do know. when aku keje pon. aku taw those tricks. bcos. i've been there before. know all those tricks. put your self there and later u will find out how stupid your decision is by putting those kids yg baru kluar kampung. and let them bercampur like dat. giler merosak kan anak melayu! 
ok dah tersasar dari tajuk rasa nye neh. another complaint from me. think about it.

renung2 kan n selamat beramal. ahaks!
have a nice day guys.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Opss! I did it AGAIN!

Helloooo There..

Hooomaiigoddd! did u guys know what is the latest interest of mine lately.?? grrr! i really hate it, when i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it so much. another stupid but yet so dem valuable! ahaks! super berbaloi2 for me. i just wonder how on earth; this person are able to give us so much discount. ya right! since it can be done; another reason obviously because, for the purpose of promotion, another marketing strategy for those whom like me, stingy yet looking for something that really valuable for every money being spend! yey!
taraaa! i just buy another 2 of it! garrrr! i cant get rid of this stupid things! buying buying buying. it makes me alive you know. some kind of karma, or cursed. haha! 

click it howkey!

well i just buy 2 ticket b4, but that one from milkadeal, another fav discount webby of mine. well this ticket is super cool. since u can choose either to use it medium portrait,small square, or even small landscape which each of these items will cost u like RM208. so buy buying this ticket it only cost u like RM 54 only! best kan??

haha i just love it. and you guys will love it tooo! just so funny when i just found myself are addicted to this webby. 
buy 1 too for yourself today! 2 days left for those discount ticket!

happy buying peeps!

** thanks mr google for those fancy image of groupon.

Gosh im blogging again!

Hello there!
its been years already i didn't involve in any blogging activities. just few words of encouraging my lil sister to start her blog. but yet, i'm the one who being left behind after all.  so why did i reopen my blog again? i guess i do miss writing, and complaining here and there. missing things to do with my fellars out there. too much hanging around here and there also  are one of the reasons why i'm start writing again and again. even though i do know and notice i wont have too much time to rearrange everything right now.

i love writing. just love it. maybe because its our culture which will stop us to expressing our  opinion and ways we looks things at. it such a waste if we cant express anything that we like most. so, i choose to express it through writing. much worth it. i love complaining things! absolutely perfect if i can express it here, so that people would think like the way i'm thinking and start to argue things that we don't like. we do have democracy; ya right; but with limited restriction here and there; and certain rules and regulation will be imposed to it. ya right!

hopefully buy having this lil diary of mine will help me managed my life much more easier and will love to put some effort to make this lil diary more manageable and systematic than before. and in addition of it. of coz, you will see millions of complaining and arguments, from me; since i just love it! as usual, it wont be much!

p/s: this is one way of therapy to release all your burden and tension after 1 whole day fighting like a warrior out there. cheeers~

btw. im a bride to be; does it make any different to you guys? haha! soon.. very2 soon. hoping everything will went very well. and i'm able to allocate enough time for my study as well as wedding preparation. 

have fun and have a nice day~