Saturday, 15 October 2011

Enemy Of All Time.

Salam & Hello Again.

**tq mr google for da pics. 
currently watching football; while blogging for a while; while waiting for other friends of mine to do of glo-bus again tonight. it the old time favorite team are playing; between my fav team manchester united and liverfool. haha! sorry kinda bias there. but yet; its suits them well. haha! its one of the important game for mu tonite, but yet currently i'm away at my home town; kinda missing my fiance of cos. since usually we will watching football together at mamak. their port @cheras. 

i just wonder, it half time already yet the score is still nil for both group. both are giants in this industry yet, when ever meet up, they tends to play behind their own capacities. doesn't it sounds a bit weird there? might be bcos both of the teams are good and equal strength. bak kata pepatah melayu lama like "bertemu buku & ruas". haha! ok2 good luck guys. ok therefore, better i stop myself from being super bias in here.
can't wait to see the results later. haha. or else, my fiance friends sure will be laughing and bahan2 aku like hell. haha they know i'm going back to my hometown this week, then just now sent me msg saying; "haha lari balik kg ker wei, takot eh?" haha gile! 

later i'm going to update whom win it. 

**** super stress, haiyaa bonda mau tgk bintang akhir klasik nasional. hey geram betol. tgk ler tb atas bonda wei. tb atas manada sports. hoomaigoood. game penting dia leh wat klakar plak. grrrr! 

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