Friday, 24 February 2012

Interview Session

Assalammualaikum & Hello semua

being bz lately, opss starting jerk ayat dah poyo kan. haha totally mintak penampar sgt. actually lately bz attending interview at numerous company. through some observation, certain company operates without you cant even imagine about them. especially on how you will work. on what you will do. those things are beyond your expectation. sometimes i do wonder, how on earth people living in KL with RM1,800 - RM2,500. just do your simple calculation guys. makan, minum, transportation, rumah sewa/ monthly house installment/ car installment/ for those amik ptptn, ptptn payment, credit card payment, api, air, telefon (ridiculous). tuh tak msuk lagik all those basic things for living baju, seluar, tudung, kasut. perfume, sikat, bedak, make up. kadang2 tekak nk makan mcd, kfc, pizza. mata tetiba nk tgk wayang. tekak gatal nk g karoke, kaki gatal nk g joget2. haha! just imagine, every months, how much we have to spent for livings. sometimes, we do overspent on certain things. or is this where the credit card will play their roles? walla!

from my observation, going for few companies recently, i have to say, the malaysian market getting weird. since you offer those super qualified people; degree holder, diploma holder, but somehow, you just paid them with ridiculous amount. just imagine big companies; well-known only want to pay you RM2000-RM2200 only. i just like duh! pity us, especially for uni leaver, study gile nak mati just to chase some papers, but those industrial people offered us with some unbelievable figures. just imagine degree holder starting nowadays only RM1800. cant you imagine with that figure? ayoyo. sumpah tak cukup. bayar sana sini tak sampai hujung bulan poket dah nipis. so tell me mcm mana nk kawin? nk simpan duit kawin? seday bile pikir kan naseb young generation akan datang. bak kata my parents; youngsters nowadays akan susah nk beli own house. nk beli kereta pon after this pon dah susah kan. after the implementation of new rules for hire purchase new cars being imposed by BNM. one side might be good. to help in reducing numbers of bankruptcy people in malaysia, especially among youngsters. however, on the other side, by imposing this rules, car industry will drop, numbers of people able to buy cars also will drop, car industry getting smaller, and obviously will lead for unemployment, later will affect all those GDP la apa lah kan. so there are a lot of consequences to be looked again and do need table talk again. lame me! merepek! haha!   ***i didnt mean to mention anybody in here ok, and those at outside KL. this situation only valid at klang valley. haha leh ker cenggitu? **

ok balik pada tajuk asal. interview. btw sebenarnya nk cite pengalaman. ok myb uolls penah kena panggey interview with one of this company. D1 Pacific at Menara Yayasan Selangor. well my experience like this yer. i was quite happy being offered an interview session with them. i go there and drive early in the morning, bersesak2 di jalan raya kan. sampai there. there are 1 guy wait to be interview, and i straightly go to Miss Nida (receptionist there). she is very nice and helpful. while waiting, i've been ask to fill up few forms. and soon right after finish everything, i hand it back my form and resume. while waiting, i start to observed the place. look at their cutomer's logo being hang at their wall. i just try to remember some of it. cos, naluri hati mengatakan maybe they will ask about this. mamat sebelah yg sampai dulu tuh kena panggil by an australian guy. big, tall, and handsome. handsome? haha! naaaah~ ok. i just look at jam dinding skali lalu, glance jek lah kn. 10.30 am. by the time, i start browsing around thru my gadgets. i can hear some cheering voice. i was bit, wah apakah itu uolls? Nida look at me and say, sorry they are having meeting. i just staring at her. and say meeting? yup; she nodded. 

dalam hati i uolss. wah best nau company neh. haha! meeting pon happy2. cheering2 lagik. i suke. tak stress. tgh melayan2 persaan sambey intai2 dorang meeting (mak nam sgt kn? haha!..) segera mamat tuh dah sudah interview. i tgk jam eh baru 3-4 minit jerk. then that guy call my name. super nice guy. berbelit lidah i nk merepek melayan kan his mother tongue yg tebal tuh kn. haha! mcm2 dia ty. salah satu nyer soalan yg i dah expect, whom is their clients? can u list out few names that you could remember? so he said. congrats miss. u berjaya. esk u kena dtg sekend interview lagik yer. perasaan masa tuh. eh best nau. dah berjaya kn. telepon lah incik tunang inform dia. happy mode** 

second day. sampai jerk. got another girl. so just 2 of us on that day, whom already past the first test. KOT! haha! then sampai jerk sana, we've been ask to watch their success videos and listen to what their employees think about them. oh ya btw their parents company is Appco. Australian base company. so masa interview semalam. basically he do brief me that, actually D1 is one of their subsidiaries in Malaysia. what did they do? actually they are marketer. they are doing marketings for few big companies. for D1 itself they do cater on telecommunication and charity's projects. so masa tgk video tuh. kami berdua just mendengar yg those workers of Appco neh happy working with Appco. masa tuh hati dah feeling; hurm, lain mcm jerk kn. nak nak bila tgk video dorang jalan2 tepi jalan. hati? suruh pikir positive. tak baik pikir bebukan kn. haha! cuba menyakin kan diri sgt.

ok soon right after we finish. each of us being given 1 mentor. they will teach you and will let you know, exactly what you will do. and at the same time will conduct face to face interview session with you but in different perspective since they will bring you out jalan2. haha! ok. i was given a charming and handsome indian guy with me. we talk and jalan2 to one of the coffee house at Amcorp Mall. while jalan2. beribu soalan aku ty dekat dia kan. end up. purpose of the jalan2 session tuh adalah untuk to let you know, how your salary will be. masa tuh terkujat yer uolss. salary given weekly. every friday. you dont have basic salary. tp your salary will be given through your commissions. each paper being sign, you will be given RM70/each. lepas tuh. once you reached targeted, you akan masuk another group. meaning you dah tak focus on totally sales. tp dah start involve with management. after that, u akan jadik group leader. bwh u akan mula 3, then 5, 10, 15, 20. so gaji korang akan base on how successful your group will be. masa you jadik group leader, those 3,5, tuh sume akan jadik your money/ salary contributor. since any sales that they make, your portion is there. so byk sales dorang, byk la gaji uolss. masa tuh aku dah like tawar2 hati. sb...? bak kata nabil 'lu pikir la sendiri' haha!

later he bring me to lrt session nk tunjuk kan how they will work. dgn penuh kehenseman, kasut tinggi bagai. nak tercabot kaki i ok. berjalan pling jauh nk g lrt tuh. tak jauh sgt actually tp sb pakai kasut tinggi tuh jadik jauh. haha. so what did they do? jeng jeng. sure uolss penah come out this situation. g maybank ker apa ker. suddenly ada booth kecik depan tuh kn. suruh sign up bayar monthly dekat Wwf. bukan gusti tuh. haha tp yg pertubuhan jaga binatang tuh. haaa korang wat keje tuh la. korang akan carik ppl to sign up those forms. to save all animals. masa tuh: me? ya rabbi. selama neh aku bila org suh sign up cenggitu. laju jerk i show sign talked to the hand. haha now aku wat keje tuh. ayoyo. karma betol!  betol2 what u give, u get back la time tuh kan. ***tears***

segera msg incik tunang. meronta nak balik. tp tk baik lak kan. so layan kan la dat mamat. then balik. interview again with that australian guy. dia ty how and everything. bla bla. aku dpt kje. AKU DAPAT! hahaha. melekek segera uolss. suruh dtg keje minggu depan nye. blik cerita kt dia. segera dia gelak kan aku gile2 kan. sampai skrng jerk nampak geng2 wwf/unisef/telecommunication D/C/M wat booth segera dia kata "kawan2 u tuh, g la approach, say hello". nak tercekik sgt aku dgr kn. haha! then dia akan kata. neh sepatot nye kawan korang neh. tp dia lari tak daftar diri. haha! gile!

so actually tepuk dada tanya lah selera. it depends on u. kalau korang suke bercakap. communication skills very good and power ok la. mcm my case. i know my ability better. i tak leh do those things. sb people approach mcm tuh pon i tak suke. cos ada yg jenis force you to sign/ take  kn. so i mmg tak boley la wat keje tuh. summore takda kuderat. haha. berdiri lama2 at public. walking and talking from 1 person to another. stakat korang nak gain experience. ok. spm leavers ok. nk saja2 keje. for long term purpose, karier perspective dont la. pity your parents. penat dia anta belaja tinggi2 later you give other pamphlet jerk. not me tp just quote my brother nyer ayat "tuh keje budak lepas spm pon boley buat, tak payah la nk qualification beria2, sampai minimum requirement kena ada diploma' im not cruel or eksen ker aper2 pon. tp you know urself better and what i'm trying to say in here kn kn? sb pada i tak patot masa iklan, dorang letak tajuk keje sedap2. executive sales and marketing la, event organizer la, management trainee la. apa la. but yet. sume nye dusta. sb korang ttp wat keje yg sama jerk. 

reason for this entry nk for those future candidates will know, and bear in their mind, notice, what is D1 is all about. sb i cant even google anything about them. tepuk dada ty selera okey.

btw hari neh. i g interview at HSBC. tunggu la result dia cane kn. got few levels of interview. english test la apa la kan. for those future candidates for HSBC make yourself ready for basic English grammar. were/was/ been/ being/had/have/has. haha! those question come out yer. be well prepared. another tips is, have brakfast dulu b4 dtg. sb its 1 whole day event. if your are lucky like me, dpt sume 1st session. pukul 2.15pm dah settle. yg lain i dunno what time they finished. since lapa hell. berlari2 balik. another tips, for those candidates yg drive to their office. be prepared, no parking available for you. so u kena park jauh then berlari2 cam kangaroo ke their office. semolek2 nyer. ajak la any of your friends teman kan u. so they can fetched you and your mind akan rasa kereta selamat ok. so tak la serabot. haha!

p/s: credit pics to pakcik google. thanks!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Thank you

assalammualaikum everyone.


dengan segala rahmat Allah, terima kasih yg tak terhingga. result pekse dah kuar. i'm totally amaze. haha! seday sume  ada, bercampuar baur. finally sume paper lulus ngan jayaya which means i will grade my MBA with flying colors. haha! sumpah happy rasa nk lompat2 malam tadik. hantar msg kt encik tunang. even tough tahu dia tido. hihi. thank you so much darling. for those help, kesabaran selama these 1 and a half years. menjadi pendengar setia. peneman belajar. thanks for those support, to wiped away all my tears. thank you so much darling. paling tak terhingga untuk bonda and ayahanda yg byk berkorban. membantu. memberi insipirasi. ayah for those lovely ideas of yours, really appreciate it. haha you know how much i really hate reading those financial articles; so you have to explained to me with the easiest way that my mind can understand. thanks jugak ayah, for helping me with my research paper on oil crisis that day. it's just so unbelievable to have A+ for that super creepy paper. oh how i am dying and struggle to finish it. tapi alhamdulillah sume nya berbaloi2. haha. mak for your support dari dulu. you always be my cute tulang belakang ever. doa from mak and ayah, siblings are the best gift ever.

not forget to mention to my crime partner, nini and kak tz. this 1 and a half years, will be the toughest year without you guys. how lucky i am to have you as my friends. geng karok and movie. for those entertainment when we really need it. haha. so much fun. huha yet struggling to finish our MBA. **tears**. classmate and lecturer, you guys are rock. thank you so much. **see you guys at convocation hall**

p/s: ash our next mission : phd mission is starting. **tears again** waaaa. mana nk carik scholar la apa la. research proposal lagik journals.. oh no! another 2 years beb. semoga tabah. **welcome phd life** (welcoming with open arms feeling.. haha) sgt kn? sentap!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

ZA Pore Smoother

Assalammualaikum semua.

Happy sunday all! i'm having big breakfast this morning with my boo at Pak Li kopitiam. having nasi lemak after few months i didn't take it. wallaaaa. sgt rindu kan aroma nasi lemak. haha! ok stop merepek. actually this entry purpose dia nk review this one products. i come across this product secara tak sengaja sebenar nya. masa guardian sale at Curve that day. i just buy this thing since it only cost me for RM15.00. sales gurl tuh did mention it is a good products kan. which before this in previous entry i did buy compact powder kan? pity me! tak padan dgn kulit muka. turn out to be sooo dem gelap with my skin. curious padahal dah amik kaler plik kecil scale dia. bila sapu jerk dah jadik yenna yenni. haha! 

ok this pore smoother from ZA neh. walla weh. i really like it. for B2B yg ada big pores/ pimples like me. i really recommended this things. uolls taw tak dia berjaya men smooth kan my skin, and make it look flawless. tak caya? ohhh just believe it. seriously ok. pore smoother neh something like balm. which u can apply directly to your face. bile pakai jerk feeling dia mcm mint2 gitu sikit at the first place. maybe sb i got pimples ker kan. so dia rasa cenggitu. so after pakai. i teros pakai foundation mcm biasa. sb dia teros kering. kulit lak feeling2 baby gitu. lembot yer! ok proceed. then i kuar hang out wif boo. g pantai morib. then sepang. mkn ikan bakar sume. oh heaven. rosak diet program ku. grrr! balik, and reached home like 8.40pm. then i just realize muka i tak berminyak  wah! amazing. after mandi, cuci muka n everything. bla bla bla. b4 tido cuci muka n put again that pore smoother things. teros tido. bangun pagi jerk. i terkejut tgk my face kt cermin.

jeng jeng jeng... y????

sb other places yg takda pimples. look so licin n flawless. glowing2 uolls my skin. yg ada pimples sikit2 tuh. biasalah masalah bulanan kn. teros segera kecut. n like bekas2 pimples tuh pulak dah reduce dia punye scar. and smooth. i pegang muka byk kali. muka jadik lembot. terkujat yer. sampai pegang byk2 kali. haha! amazing. so hari neh pakai lagik. buh byk skit. kihkih. seharian rasa spt kulit bayi. and pling best tak berminyak. haha! sgt recommended pada B2B yg ada prob skin like mine. i was looking for this kind of products for the entire of my life. haha! seriously, the one whom have probs like mine will oni know our kinds better. so guys check this products at your nearest watson, guardian ker. ZA ok. market price will be like RM38 if i'm not mistaken. that range yer. 

product will look like this.

***credit pics to uncle google.

ZA Pore Smoother

  • diminishes the appearance of pores for smooth complexion.
  • absorbs excess oil and instantly leaves skin silky-matte.
  • contains an oil-absorbing ingredient to improve the appearance of enlarged pores caused by excess oil production.
  • can be used as a make up base or over foundation.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Goodies Bag Murah

assalammualaikum semua.

hi everyone? good morning.  i've been in few places this morning. running here and there. from one shop to one shop. totally like a marathon. this morning, after settling some monthly installment, dah alang2 ada di Bandar Klang, teringat my friend suggest suruh pegi this wedding shop.

Motif Pencarian : untuk survey goodies bag and  bunga telor.

so this is the shop. maaf sisi tepi jerk. haha! dlm kereta. hujan lebat. nk turun kang, org kata gile lak kan nk amik kt dlm hujan2 tuh. haha. 

Tajuk Kedai : Cinta Ku Handicraft Sdn Bhd.

ok for those nearby surely dah selalu pegi right. me? first time. haha! never reached this area before.  this place totally nearby dgn The Store/ Centrepoint Klang. you can easily reached here. basically barang2 dekat sini. in my opinion, agak murah berbanding dgn tempat2 lain. sales girls dia pon tak lah irritating types. tokei dia pon baik, n fasih ckp melayu. sgt friendly type. 

ok thru my observation in here. for those whom doing last minute preparation like me. ok you can easily buy it here. everything is under one roof. dari pakej nk wat hantaran until la ke beli loose things, bunga, ribbons, bunga telur, sume nye murah n comel2. hihi.

ok dis woven bag neh. if you want to buy like few only, the price is RM 0.35 sen/per pcs. tapi if uolls intend nak amik banyak like 1000 pcs, she will give you RM0.30/per pcs only. haa murah kan. tuh aku lom tawar lagik tuh. tuh her offered price. usually kedai or any online seller will jual like this:

100-400pcs =rm0.60 perpc
500-900pcs =rm0.55perpc
1000pcs =rm0.50 perpc
2000pcs =rm0.45 prpc
tapi di kedai tuh. only RM 0.30 sen sajokkk uolls.

ok yg comel neh pulak. alaaa sebab corak vantage jerk kan uolls. ok yg neh di kedai tuh price dia like RM 0.45 sen. sb corak nye sahaja. tpi yg neh tak leh bukak tepi ok. maksud nye. dia straight cut. tp neh harga tak tawar lagik hokei. 

ha yg neh la yg aku kata tdik. yg boley bukak tepi sikit tuh. still corak yg sama. vantage style. still straight cut cutting yer uolls. ok yang neh dia bukak harga utk sikit2 RM0.75sen. tapi if amik byk like RM0.70/per pcs sajek.

yg bawah neh pon samer. tapi yg neh pattern dia melebar. still leh bukak2 tepi kn. harga dia sama ok. RM0.70sen if uolss beli banyak2. YG penting belom tawar menawar ok. offered price only.   usually both of this categories, online seller or other shop through my observation, diaorang berani bukak harga until RM0.90/per pcs only. itu pon if uolls intend nk beli like 1200 and above.

yg neh i suker sangat. huhu comel hokei. tapi sgt teruja like hell. sb apa korang. aku g survey kt nilai and a few other shops as well as online shop, i dapat paling murah org jual RM1.50/per pcs. tapi yg pasti like singgit lebay la kan sume nya. so here. jeng jeng jeng. she said. amik sikit mahal sikit la kak. RM 0.58/per pcs. tapi if nak amik byk rasa nyer  boley kurang lgik tuh. RM0.50/per pcs ker kan. depends la pada tokei nanti. i was like. what?????!!! RM0.58 sen jerk. hurm,.... (diam jerk. walaupon dalam hati. terkinja2 kan. haha tak leh tunjuk excited sgt. la kan since i've come to the right place after all..)

for this kind of kotak. very cute one. small and cute of course. the price like RM0.35sen++ something. i tak ingt exact figure. sorry. sb tak intend nak choose this one pon kan. hoho. sorry yer. tp yang pasti harga dia mmg dlm lingkungan 30sen++ jerk hokey.

this one is my fav. since i mmg nk carik this 1. usually pling murah people jual i dah survey like RM0.50 sen to rm0.80 sen. nilai pon mahal gak i tgk dis 1. one seller dat day offered to me like RM0.40 for one thousand pieces. so dekat dis kedai. you can get up to RM0.30 sen /per pcs for one thousand pieces. ok for me gile cheap lah kan. since i mmg carik this one. haha!

ok untuk goodies bag yg mcam biasa, paper bag type tuh. tak mahal pon. dekat sini you can get around RM0.20 sen ++ jerk. like RM 2.80 sume tuh la. well it depends la how large you want it, types and even design. as for me. well i'm very simple type one. i amik yg valued for my money. beria i nk beli memahal. end up org campak tepi longkang. sentap ok! haha. nk nk if i do print my pics on it. lagik i sentap. that's the reason why kenapa i tak print v-box ka apa ka. well it depends la pd uolls nyer interpretation kn. pada i, i think that way. ikot la cara uolss mcm mana. 

btw i like this one sgt. selama neh i jumpe like mahal hell. nk ty pon tak berani. sume nya jual RM3 - RM4 per pcs. so dekat sini tadik dia jual dlm big box which contains like 2-pcs in it. stated price kat situ is RM44. so i kira 1pcs jatuh pada Rm2.20, pastuh sales girl tuh kata. if akak nak sy leh bgik kurang. RM1.70/per pieces. so jadik RM34/1 box. if akak amik byk maybe bos boley bagik lagik murah. lantas..? gedik terkuit2 dah sampai kenkonon nk bgik vip yg neh lak. haish.. pening. haha jiwa2. harus dilempang uolls. haha!

as for the bunga telur, dia ada byk choice in here. tak sempat nk amik pics. sb dah gatal nk balik, hujan n guruh dah berbunyi2. me takot. grrr! lame! ok. so basically it depends on what material that you want, design, ada yg dah siap. and u guys boley order pon boley. but however to make me lil bit of surprising kn, myb korang pon tahu yg skng kn trend buat teddy bear punya bunga telur n pahar kn. usually they will charge u like Rm4.40 each. 50-99 pcs rm4.10 each. 100-199 pcs rm3.90 each.
tapi here. RM2.70 jerk. aku?? terkinja lagik. haha! yg pasti harga sume belom tawar menawar.  maybe after tawar menawar leh jadik RM2.50 jerk kot. hoho.

btw. ada satu lgik. organza poncot2 tuh kan. alaaa yg small bags tuh. ok dekat nilai dulu masa nk bertunang i beli 100=RM18, rasa dah murah dah tuh. yelah sb RM18 hengget jerk kan. rupe nya. grrr! dekat sini 100=RM13. me? menyirap! tertipoooooooooooooooooooooo! waaaa tipah tertipooo. kalu encik tunang taw. kompem dia kata. padan muka u! haha! so syupppp!

selamat survey ok uolls pada geng2 B2B.

oh yer. haha kepochi betol. semalam masa hang out kat the curve jeng jeng. got sales. guardian big sales. so memborong sakan yer.brg murah2. sabun cuci tgn like 3botol=RM10. sabun mandi RM10/RM8. 2botol=RM10 (giant size). kaps muka. ladies kompem taw. sb brg penting. 3 packs like RM8 kot. eh ke salah. murah la. tisu 3 packs, each got 20 is only like RM10. compact powder. ZA brand. usually like RM30++ kn. semalam RM15 jerk. lipsticks like like jual2 bundle jerk Rm5-10 jerk. ada yg lip gloss 3=RM10. limp balm nivea, 1=RM3. eh byk la. if u guys at dat area leh drop by situ k. btw thanks incik tunang terchenta. kerana sudi mengangkat barang2. haha. me? bwk karipap jerk. kahkahkah. he know that i'm totally obsess with ikea's karipap. 

till then yer peeps. happy weekend korang.

***credit certain pics to mr google.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Ajax Amsterdam VS Manchester United

Salam Uolls.

Salam penghulu segala jumaat. salam kecerian semuanya yer. pagik2 dah happy2 melihat pasukan fav beraksi dgn jaya nye pg tadik. haha! sentap mulot2 musuh ok uolls. haha! hari neh tak nak ckp banyak2 . just nk sengih2 jerk. sat g jumpe saing2 seteru nk g mendapatkan breakfast mcd percume pg neh. wakakkakakakakakka! tuh la kn Allah dah ckp jgn angkuh, kan dah mendapat. haha! indah betol hari jumaat neh.

till then yer. happy friday. have a nice day. Insya Allah.

Apa Kata Anda?

Renung - renung kan dan selamat beramal. haha!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hantu Karok

uolss kena tgk neh. sumpah aku gelak sampai selak ok. teros mati hasrat nk g karok mlam neh. haha! cis cis, kacau daun tol. dah la mlm neh mlm jumaat. hoomaigoodd tak rela. haha!

btw my lovely and favorite  webby are making their new promotions again. and this time my all time fav Tony Roma's are making their promotion. hey hey, for Tony Roma's lover, grab this chance buy buying this voucher and let's have party, fun people. boleh la ajak kenkawan wat gathering kan. hihi. btw. this voucher only valid at mont kiara punyer outlet only. harga as usual, cheaper okek. since through this voucher you will earn like 52% discount. after buying, for those whom might not know, uolls kena call and make reservation ok if nk makan sana. well it depands. sometimes, certain restaurant, dont need any reservation. but if come in group so better to have reservation first. ok. so let's makan2. 

lapo sudah. saya dah beli anda bile lagik??? link mana? jeng jeng. please refer this link yer darlings. haha! Groupon - Tony Roma's

Facts That A Guy Should Know

Salam Peeps.

Baca tajuk jerk dah mcm panas kan. haha! mmg pon. hati membara2 neh. tersirap2 pon ada. neh agak nye org panggey dugaan tunang. panas membara jerk kan hati. ada jerk dia wat2 benda yg mensakit kan hati aku neh. but come on. sometimes it is not funny just to make a stupid jokes on how you look like ok. even though it maybe normal to you. but sometimes, it will hurt the other part of yours. women dont need guy to always pampered her too much. a little bit of concern here and there should be nice. sometimes it is not fault just to say to her, admit that you love her. i dont need a romantics types of guys. but a little bit of care when i really needed should be great. sometimes, we ladies, do need you just to listen. but what happen? you turn out to be the most  criticism guys ever and become sarcastic. homaiigodd. please, cant u just like keep quiet and listen.  

to make things become worst, you just come to us or look for us when ever you feel to. we? makan, minum, mandi, tido pon feeling2 ingt korang. uollls? duh! hey come on. all these while.. my entire life, i was hoping to have somebody like romantic kind of guys, concern, super duper like mcm dlm film or novel type of guys. but i know, in reality. out of 100 guys, percentage to have that kind of guys is only like 10%. haha sikit kan. but seriously yes. but sometimes this 10% guys pulak, film and novel forget to mention, that they can turn out to be so irritating kind of guys on earth. haha! over romantics can kill you. remember that. haha!

i'm one kind of girls that a pop rock and indie kind, and you a rockers types of guys. but darling, come on. 10% parts of you, still have this romantics feeling deep inside your heart. we girls sometimes has to dig it. digging things here is not an easy things to do ever. sb??? akan ada faktor2 luaran yg menyakit kan hati.

usually to a guys. their main problems ever is their friendsssss. i repeat, their friends.  suke lebih kan kenkawan dari aweks/tunang/ wife. alasan tak cool. alasan i know them before you. dia kwn susah sng i. fine. kdng2 they wiling to hurt his other parts just to make them look cool in front of their friends. actually tak cool langsung ok! ada yg like, nk panggey awek sendiri syng in front of their friends pon malu2 and segan. they prefer, hey hey. kejadah. dah romantic habes la tuh dgn panggey hey hey mcm tuh.

did you know,one of the main reasons for them to choose us is through his friends judgment.  they will be like serious in the relationship to you when you past their test. (before meet their parents). what kind of test? they will bring you out to meet their close friends. when you able to suits well among them, tahan kena bahan dgn his close friends, boley lepak2 and talk to each other, you will past their test tuh. duh?! yes that's what happen ok ladies. this is sincere punye pengakuan dari lelaki. bukan sorang but fewwwwww of them. tapi sometimes. friends can be so sarcastic and irritating. do observe please. they are. when you lepak2 with them you will know what i mean. and their mouth either. can you believe, kadang2 mulot lelaki neh lagik berbisa dari ladies. wth kan? yes. they are. believe me. kadang2 dia punye mak nam lagik mcm haram jadah sgt. menyirap and tersirap2. my fiance punyer friends sometimes can be irritating. yes! for them it's just a joke. stupid joke. but for us??????? it's not a joke. all this while i'm one kind that are so patient types of lady. but that day, i cant even stand there any minutes. then i just turn out to listen to musics that played at the kenduri. my fiance asik usik2 kaki i, but i dont even look at him. just to put a little way of saying that i mad at him. still i talk to few people there, their wife and gf. i tak buat muka. i just diam jerk and focus to the ghazal play that time. what happen then? masuk kereta he like bising at me. bit of yell there. 'kenapa you buat muka depan my friends?' kenapa? kenapa? kenapa? i just like.. i tak buat muke ok. fine. muke i mmg mcm neh. i tgk ghazal tuh kn. kenapa?? sure my friends ingt you marah diaorag.

ok. aku panas terus. "oooo. i marah you tak perasan.' or you buat2 tak perasan? tp bila diaorg you alert pulak. kan ke bias disitu uolss. sentap tahu tak. kadang2 you have to be a super duper good actress ever just to make sure his friends are ok. and you have to pleased them. WTF disitu ok. if aku mulot jahat. nk jek aku suruh dia kawin ngan kenkawan dia teros. grrr! man! sometimes come on. we ladies, need you to back us when your friends are making joke on us. come on just show lil bit of concern. bukan nye you all tompang sekaki. it's hurt ok. i dont mind at all your friends joke tuh. tak berbekas dihati aku pon. sb diaorng bukan bagik aku makan pon. tapi bile ko join sekali. sentap disitu yer. grr! so man cant leave without his buddy. i know. diaorg boleh mati ok. haha! mcm mana we need air, that's how they really need their buddy with them. brotherhood kate nye. jadah!

aku tak kesah sume tuh. but pls. dont make fun of us ok. making fun on us, its not a funny things. ok back to the rock and indie just now. since you are rockers, come on. dig out your 10% please, just to let us know that you like and love us. for those whom having a good bf, you are very lucky enaf. but me! grr!

however, he still great in my eyes. he one kid of his actions speaks louder than his words. :D sometimes, his actions makes me mad, but at the same time it make me crazy on him. but sometimes, i need those 10% sweetness of him. just to make me calm. come on guys. its not a stupid and embarrassed things to do. do say  I LOVE YOU, to your love ones, before she leave from this world and you unable to say it to her. ( you should take note this one darling..)

woman need appreciation. trust me. it works. as for me, appreciation is the most import things after all. women is one of the best Allah's creation, they being given a small and soft kind of heart. once they love anyone, they willing to do anything for her love one. they don't ask you, to repay back what ever she has done to you. but what they need is appreciation. do appreciate them. that's all. they wont ask for more for sure. a little bit token of appreciation should be great, "thank you sayang". my dad, this old man, his recipe of happiness is very simple. appreciate what ever my mom did to him. you know what. every time, he finish his meals, dinner, breakfast, or what ever. he will say. "thanks sayang for a great dinner.' ... great breakfast.. great megi. haha. he never forget to mention that everyday, every time we eat. kadang2. timbul dlm hati. ada lgik ker lelaki mcm tuh, after him? mak kata tak baik banding2 kan. tp trust me. anak perempuan. mcm mana pon, she put his father as a benchmark to choose any guy in his life.. sebijik sejibun tuh tak la. sekelumit tuh perlu ada kot.haha!.

ok la. dah panjang merepek. haha! luahan isi perut sgt kn. kihkih. sometimes luahan itu perlu. kalau tak stress uolss. benda neh kenkadang nak luah segan, nk luah takot gaduh. nk luah kang, guys tak leh terima. kan kan? lelaki tak leh terima lah benda2 cam neh. ckp ngan poyo jerk. nk heart to heart. open minded. jadah! yet still dorang takleh terima hakikat. and terima nye ngan hati terbuka. it's easy to say rather than to face it. haha. tak gitu. sometimes. yg malas nk heart to heart neh. kenkadang diaorang sendiri lepas tuh akan kata  kita gini gitu. u mcm neh, u mcm tuh. kang takot kita lak lah yg panas telinga. haha! sb this things sometimes guys don't want to know, but in fact they should know and have to know. dah baca baru like. hurm ye tak ye gak kn. haha! sometimes, guys mcm anak2. patot and perlu diberitahu dgn penuh kaseh syang. ok sayang2 sume. amik pengajaran ok. jgn wat cam neh kat kekaseh anda. tak baik sakit kan hati org yg anda sayang. haha! dah mcm cikgu tadika sgt. kihkih. always remember. small things sometimes can be a big things. and from small- small things it can leave a big impact without you knowing it. so tak salah buang kan ego tuh sikit and be nice to other people especially to your love ones. sometimes, don't be surprise, a girl might leave you bcos of this small2 things. and may choose by these small2 things.

sometimes lil bit of nice here and there, can be a huge and big different for ladies and make you more precious from the other guys. so tak salah buang ego yg merugikan diri sendiri. huh. it's 2012 already, so minded jgn jumut sgt. haha. jgn wat terkejut lepas neh pengantin perempuan lari from her wedding day. haha!

till merepek next time.

**pic ehsan pakcik google hemsem.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Post Edisi Sentap Hati Mak Nak~~!

Salam Uolss.

ok disaat ini, perasaan sentap semakin meluat2 hokei. i just like approaching few henna drawer. certain of them seems so nice and treat me very well. future customer kan uolss. tapi ada jugak yg feeling diva gile and sangkak aku like he is so super duper great inai drawer. HE ok. HE aku ulang balik. biasalah we ask price and bargain things right before deciding to buy. but this guys or pak handam neh. sumpah wat aku jelik hell. 

come on. don't la like simply2 sangkak org. of cos la people will bargain certain things before buying, its a normal process for us to ask, "tak leh kurang ker?", 'takda diskaun sikit ker?". come on la. its BUYING PROCESS. or else you dont know what the hell is buying process its all about. He quote me for 300 inai drawing ok. without transportation charges. ok la. so i ask,he after plus minus ngan transportation charges he quote me like 400. 400 uollssss, nk lukis inai di tgn and kaki. aku diam lgik. aku ty tak leh kurang sikit ke. dia panas! "dik, mcm mana la kami neh nak hidup if sume org asik nak mintak diskaun jerk!' kami pon nk hidup jugak. neh sume nk diskaun2. kalu takda duit tak yah la bernai! its all about money ok skng neh.'

OMG! aku teros rasa nk ludah jerk lappy neh tadik kan. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! silake sgt yer ayat dia disitu. aku ngan tabah teros menaip. bRO.. i know uolss nk menyara hidup; tapi tak payah la sampai nk cekik org. RM 400, doesn't it sounds so ridiculous to you just to draw an inai. kaki, tgn jerkkkkkkkkkkkkk! RM400 tuh seems like you are covering from head to top. bukan nye aku suh ko inai aku dari muka ke tapak kaki. tak kan. u buy dat tube of inai pon will not cos you even RM5 pon. but you are charging me like hell.

gile kan? so mmg aku akan pegi berinai kt kedai kakak yenna yenni jerk la. lgik aku tak sakit hati. seems like baru cost me like RM50 the most. dgn service full hands and legs like totally yenna yenni style. eeeeeee benci la org mcm tuh. sentap taw tak. sentap! berinai nk Rm400, mcm la ko inai aku ngan serbuk2 emas. eee!

till then. sentap tak habes lgik. naseb puasa. kalu tak... grrr! sure jari2 aku mengeluarkan ayat tak munasabah.

100 hari sebelum aku terima nikah nya.

salam semua.

mak datukkkk! diam tak diam. ayoyo. dah 100 days to go. serba tak kena rasa nye bile dah stat counting2 neh kan. OMG! rasa nye mcm banyak benda tak siap lgik. in terms of everything. preparation ka apa ka. ayoyo sume nya serba serbi tak kena. haha! Ya Allah, semoga kau permudahkan lah perjalanan kami ini Ya Allah. Biarpun apa sahaja yg berlaku ko satu kan lah hati kami ini Ya Allah.

ok in terms of all those big things. sume nyer dah settle. dewan/foods/pelamin/doorgift nikah and receptions. so yg tinggal is just payment only. alahai. lemau rasa nye nak carik kewangan dgn keadaan diri yg maseh tak bekerja neh. huhu. feeling suam2 kuku sgt kn. moga Allah permudah kan lah jugak yer. maybe belom tiba masa nye lgik. i do believe everyone will be given an opportunity by god. so im waiting for mine. i've found my miracle and having him as ht best miracle i ever had. but to make our relationship will go perfectly great, we need money darling. haha! without money, love will walk away, whenever poverty knocks out your door. ahaks! so in not letting my loves walk away, i really need to find money real soon. 

within these 100 days. i kena settle kan, few things like settle kan payment for OP/OV, dais planner, hotel, doorgift, candy buffet and cakes, nikah card, yasin, doorgift for yasin, carik pelukis henna, carik kasut, carik brg hantaran, design my own photo booth, settle kan guest book, buy paper lantern, beli paper beg for my side and his side. carik bunga telur for my side and his side. mybe kena plan something utk tambah kan lgik things in my nikah dorrgift. arghh. seems like thousands things to do more and more. tp thanks to bonda and ayahanda yg sgt byk membantu disaat2 camneh. i really owe them.

tp disaat camneh. the most important things in here stil money money money money money. tetap jadik main focus sampai la weds habes. and nk teroskan life after dat lagik n lgik. tp aku rasa regret cant help much.  its my weds. huhu. tears************! 

till then. pray for my happiness.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Halfway project men-D.I.Y Guestbook & Photo Booth.

Salam and Hello.

good morning everyone. well at this moment still i cant sleep, well this is normal syndrome for me especially right after finish my examination. so hows life everyone? mine? jeng jeng. one whole day asking here and there for the quotation. quotation of what??????????? for both my photo-booth and guestbook. sentap yer kenkawan. few of vendors seems like super kekwat. myb sb like dah femes2 kan. and sume B2B seems like selalu bgik jobs to them. wah! lemak sgt mereka disitu yer. so pada sy yg sengkek neh. ayoyo tepuk dahi nyah! akak mmg tak mampooo nak melakukan nye. they are charging like RM 150 - RM 300. homaigoood! pls! tak rela. cam sayang nak kuar duit. penyudah nye aku googling around here and there. ideassssss mencurah2 bagaikan air laut gitu. basically what i want is kinda simple jekr. but fews yg i've google neh so tempting. berair mulokkk wei.

leh tulis2 cenggini. simple jerk kn. so takla tulisan dak2 neh ke laut, ke darat, utara selatan. ye idok. haha!
***pics was taken from mr google. tankiu pakcik google.

my expectation bukan lah very2 super high2 gitu siap nk guestbook with lace bagai. buh mutiara air masin la apa la ke kan. or buh kristal sana sini. sworski lgik gitu kan. cantik mmg la kan. tapi siyesly aku tak mampo. ngan status aku yg tanam anggur neh. lgik la membatas kn segala-gala nye. tuh pon satu lgik issue sentap disitu. i'm still looking for the right time and the right moment to reveal everything. arghhhhhhhhhhhh! ok basically mmg la wedding neh sume on my parents. tp it doesn't mean that i can simply order here n there. PERINGATAN, sy bukan ORG KAYA MAYA! haha! sometimes. well u know parents neh, dont know what eactly what we want. their taste still mcm biasa2 jerk. their mind sets just focus more on the main things like caterer, foods, attire, cards, and doorgift. other than that they dont wanna know. apa kejadah nye nk pikir photo-booth la, candy buffet la. haha! mmg tak perlu. tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii impian. oh impian. . berangan itu wajib. bukan lgik harus. eh merepek sudah. 

so main focus tadik is guestbook kan. so malam neh i have designed few design for that guestbook. just esk nk g kedai printing kat shah alam tuh. nak tgk agak2 bape sen they will charge for A3 printing, black and white. if let say mahal nk mati. laju2 aku wat A4 jerk lah kn. tp i dunt think so pon mahal hell kn. however i dunt think la sampai dat price that they ask me. huhu. still aku still leh berjimat cermat. rasa nye. haha! kompem la. nanti i will update on catatan keuntungan pulak. haha! biasa catatan kerugian jerk.

ok another thing yg aku dah berjaya buat is design Kad Jemputan Nikah. so esk nak bwk gak g kedai printing and tgk how much they will quote for me. sometimes benda tak seberapa jerk. tp mintak mahal gile2. sentap hati mak! kad jemputan tuh simple jerk. bajet cam nk wat size A5 or A6 jerk. ala2 poskad gitu. takpe. let me check printer dulu yer esok. nk print seniri tak dayoooo~ printer den nyer cartridge leh wat mkn 2 minggu ok. haha! so basically 2 things dah settle untuk hari neh. 

so for photo-booth props lak tgh design2 lagik neh. sesapa nk order leh order k. hahahha! ok lame; gile poyo! abaikan! btw. agak2 if wat photo booth ada org ker nak bergambar kat situ? hihi. ke tetiba dorang cam jakun2 n malu2 kanggaroo laks kat situ kn. what do u think? isk isk. im totally confused. tapi mahu. tapi malu. haha. ketara kan aku confiused, walaupon cmtuh aku tetap nk wat. takpe. bia aku feeling sensorang. arghh! ada aku kesah.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I only got 106 days

Salam and Hello Again.

Hello uolss. ptg tadik disaat duk tepi tasek bergelak2. laju2 la jari jemari cheq yg mulus neh kira tarikh. eh eh dah 106 days to go lar. haha! wow. tak sabo jap tetiba. hihi. ok bunyi sgt gatal and keji disitu yer. haha!.

Hari neh setelah balik dari 2PLY tuh, lantas baru nak baring2, si kekaseh hati merayu2 suh anta kasut. grrr! rasa nak siku dahi dia laju2. tadik org nak anta kt office dia angkuh nau kan. skng merengek2 lak. geram jerk. tapi tak hantar kang seksok nk kena anta gak. so memandangkan hati dah mula feeling nk beradu, so sebelom faktor gemokk mempengaruhi. laju2 aku bersiap nk g anta kt cheras nun kn. sentap sgt nyah! mak meredah jem 2 kali ari neh. koo mampooo? nan adoooo! haha!

lepas tuh dia heret lak aku jelajah carik pos malaysia nk g bayar bil api. dah nk g bayar tuh. beratur jerk la. sabo. neh idok. berusaha, sanggup meredah jam semata2 tak nak beratur. hati aku dah mcm panas2. so aku diam jerk. aku tgk angin dia tuh pun lum stabil lgik kn. haha kang tak pasal kena siku lak kang. opsss!. lama pastuh aku wat sore comel2 skit kan, ajak dia g tgk kad kawen kami. haaaa. sb artwork nye dah siap. so diaorg suh aku dtg cek. tak nak dtg pon takpe. leh email jerk. tp cik abg aku tuh cerewet nyah! "i nk tgk kad, nk rasa pakai jari, online2 i tak percaya..'! sentap sgt. entah aku neh lebey senang berurusan through on9. malas nk begerak. segeraaa cik abg den neh tak leh duk korea and jepun. kihkih. sana sume online shopping okek. 

right after settle sume urusan pembayaran bil api dia yg basically being done by me. beratur and berpanas by me. byr di mana? kaunter kenderaan bergerak di Bandar Permaisuri. hey sungguh effective lah bendalah tuh. pantas gitu. tp menyirap bile ramai nau org nk wat road tax pon terhegeh2 nk beratur sana. sah2 la kaunter myeg blkang tuh, then JPJ terpacak sebelah van pos tuh. sentap sgt!

ok penyudah nye aku tiba di pertama kompleks tuh. makk aih. paling penuh yer ngan kad kawin maker. eeee dlm hati kenapa la aku malasssssssssssssssssssssssss nk berjalan. kalau tak sure aku leh belek2 sume gerai2 tuh kan. so nk dijadikan cite. aku pon carik la kedai. tuh. 2.92 no kedai dia. gile terjegil2 bijik mata aku nk membelek2 kedai2 ada kt sana. paling penuh hell dat area. ok. lame. aku g pertama kompleks dulu sekali jerk. hahaha! tadik sekend time. haha!

Kad kawin idaman. tuh tajuk kedai dia. ooo tempah pon through mr google and FB la kn. belek2 and survey2. oh ya. i have some sort of high passion in surveying online products. haha. i will go from one shop to another shop and will look every details on it. haha. so after timbang tolak. diskusi ngan ayahanda and bonda. they decided to choose that one. so far pegi tadik pon, my boo seems ok jerk la.tp he still mention yg kawan dia wat kad lgik murah at pudu. 1000 got RM600. aku??? tetap berdegil. sb aku mention that their design and my design lain. paper lain. jenis and size pon lain. haha! walaupon he keep on mentioning that theirs is slightly cheaper than mine. dia cuba meyakin aku yg aku neh rugi sb tak nak survey at other place dulu. grrrr! motif nye skang...! ada aku kesah. dah aku berkenan. so aku tayah merayau2 nk redah kl, habis kan peluh n tenaga and bergaduh2 nk merayu2 nk harga murah. so pada aku my design and kad tadik dah cukup eexclusive for me. aku tataw la korang kn. sure rasa mahal like my boo jugak. haha. tapi nk wat cane. bonda and ayahanda dah approve kn.  tak gitu. yg penting aku suke. wek!

well i know,benda neh need to do survey like few months ago. tapi aku dah terdesak and malas. haha. nampak sgt nk menegakkan benang yg basah. haha! lame again.  

Details = 2.92, 2nd Floor, Pertama Kompleks, 50100 Kuala Lumpur

Mobile: 6016-282 4800 (Ema)
Emel: contact@kadmurah.com.my

so i choose this 1. combination of black and gold. which will give you a luxurious and exclusive looks. my opinion. haha! poyo hell. so for both side. i order 1500pcs only. which 1 pcs will be like RM0.85 sen. korang rasa mahal tak? tetttttttttttttttt! lambat. dah bayar dah pon. haha! dealing with them sgt senang. tak byk kerenah. their pr there also, very nice, Ema. she will assist you until you satisfied with your order. Even masa designing pon, she have to do like few times. haha aku kan cerewet. opsss. haha. takla. dah salah n bijik mata rasa tak kenan. kena la betol kn dop. rugi r bayar mahal2 end up dapat cincai boncai. so for 1500pcs of card, sume sekali jumlah kerugian di sini ialah RM 1,290. 

aku tak lah kata murah. so far, aku belek2 dis type of card yg aku nak tak dapat la nk dis price. online figures ok uollsss. kalu uolls ada kuderat and iradat. laju2 la wat marathon session g pertama kompleks neh. kompem puas hati. byk outlet there. mmg puas la kalau korang nk wat sesi jelajah kn. oh yer. tadik dah pon byar second deposit. RM600. so balance will be paid like next week. haha. yer uolsss. kad i dah nak siap. jeng jeng jeng. 10 hari berkerja jerk uolsss. pantas kan. so happy! nanti once dah dapat pasti upload dgn jaya nyer.

so kalu uolss species malas cam haku neh. leh la try usha2 sini. they will cater your needs and wants within your budget. sgt recommended la for this moment. haha.

so moral of the story, catatan kerugian ari neh ialah:

Shopping Again.

Salam and hello.

how's life friends. hope u guys doing super duper find. well as for me, after along time cuti, gile malas nk bangun, utk g interbiu. sumpah rasa tak ingin meninggal kan katil. dgn hujan rintik2. angin sepoi2 bahasa. agrhhh! nyaman gile dpt tido lagik n lagik. tapi terpaksa gagah kan diri jugak nak bgun sb nk g interbiu keje konon nyer. sodis time offer really near to boo's office. serdang sana. tapi cam nak mati la kn i'm driving all the way from klang to that place. takpela. sooner or later will be slightly senang la sikit kan. 

interview session went very well. haha dat amoi pon seems boley kawtim. my expected salary pon diaorang seems ok jerk. haha. so far, dgn rasa keyakinan mcm dapat, but she did mention will call me later. interview session pon tak lama sgt pon. she seems dunno wat she wanna ask me. aku jerk yg pot pet2 seniri. amoi tuh pon speaking ke laut gak tuh aku tgk. leh tahan gak HR cenggitu kn. arghh lantak. haha! 

soon after finish. seriously no idea where should i go and heading to. so laju2 balik rumah jerk. idea kejahatan tak timbul lgik nak merayau kesana sini. summore to make it worst, aku rasa cam hensem nau ngan slacks and long sleeve tuh kn. tak rela i nyah nk tgk wayang cenggitu. haha! kenkawan cam biasa tgh keje. and certain lak huharing at singapore. so aku jerk tertinggal n menyengal disini. grrr! gara2 takda sapa nk bawk aku g menyengal. gitu?? haha.

reached home's area. aku ingt nk g singgah 2PLY, dah lama tak cuci mata, g tgk baking items kat sana. hoho so as usual cuci mata, aduh wat baking mood melonjat2 kembali. tapi dek kerana maseh sedar diri and maseh teringat badan dah cam kena tiup ngan belon. haha lantassssssssss segera lupakan sajokkkk uolsss hasrat nak baking2 neh. tgk jerk. usha2 sana sini. penyudah nyer beli la jugak barang2 tuk DiY doorgift nikah nanti. alahai just redo balik jerk my doorgift masa tunang. cume last time bubuh cupcakes and bahulu. dis time change it to yasin, tasbih, and ................ . what else..? i dunno. still undecided lgik. 

penyudah nyer. inilah hasil nyer. 


ok see ya. until then yer. have a nice day!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Jogging Shoes.

Salam and Hello.

Hi there! Salam Maulidul Rasul and Thaipussam kepada yg menyambut nye. Seronok kan cuti2 panjang neh. haa well for these past few days. i've been in few places, lepak2 sana sini. even balik ke kg mertua. ahaks! future in law to be ok. Maharani town still looks like before. my boo even been so happier when im with him, going back to his hometown. funny look at his face. haha. mcm budak2 dapat ice-cream. so cute! back in there after few months make everyone quite surprise, haha diaorg kata im getting chubbier. omg! rasa nak mampos sgt mendengar nya. adoi. mati. majlis like few months away. tapi what the hell im getting chubbier kan. kejadah sgt yer disitu. haha! sumpah gentar hell mendengar kan nya. fobia!. neh sume gara2 happy kot. happy nak kawin. happy habes blaja. happy gonna be wife. haha! geli kn? haha!

speaking about habis study. i still tak dapat keje lagi. die! i'm just so depressed. maybe takda rezeki lagik kn. saba jerk lah. hope Allah will help me and make my life much more better. bukan apa. just i really need a job right now. kesian my boo later. am i right? hoho. takpelah, i really hope that will get any job offer in this near future. insya allah. 

ok just now i've told you about my self getting chubbier kan. haha! so neh some sorts of azam tahun baru lah if cenggitu. nak tak nak kena la mengkurus kan diri. waaaaaaaaaaaaa! sentap sgt di situ yer. dalam bahasa kesat nyer aku makin gemok la kn. hahahaha! gile. org lain makin kurus nak kawin. aku makin gemok. nak mampos sgt. huh. so plan tahun neh. and plan dlm 3 bulan before kawin neh kena la aku. kurus kan diri. 

so semalam, langkah pertama yg aku lakukan is... jeng jeng jeng... i already buy new shoes. jogging shoes. hahahhaha! believe it or not??!!! haha.takpela. nak tak nak. after this kena la do this jogging things. and kurang kan makan. haha!

My new Puma Easy Rider 3. suitable for women, since it is super light on the feet making them super easy to ride around in. These are a delight for errands, home chores, lounging, and running out into the wild. Try these sneakers out in an electric and bold combo. So u can choose few different colors, since it come in black- red, blue-orange. basically sume color is tempting and sgt comel. haha!nak rambang bijik mata dibuat nye. penyudah nye kaler hijau yg dipilih. sb.. tuh jek yg ada my size. sentap sgt. grrr!

Planning to make myself look much more better for my wedding:

1. Jogging - berlari anak di keliling tasek. every morning! mampoo? arghhh!
2. Exercise - Work out on few parts of my body; especially lengan, peha, and babat. haha! dem!
3.NO MORE RICE! - tang neh payah sikit. haha! tapi kena cuba. sb smlm masa twit ngan fasha Sandha, she did mention; yg her tips utk kurus cepat is tolak nasi. tak makan nasi. just ganti kan ngan whole bread jerk. tp masalah nye skng. mampu ke nak wat. kalu dah kata perot melayu. arghhhhh. leceh2. tp demi kaseh syg kepada my boo. i will try. waaaa!
4. Puasa - neh yg paling effective. last time, i just turun 10kg in few weeks jerk, after puasa. haha. cpt jugak kan. haha sgt effective and pantas. (mampoo dilakukan dgn jaya nyer..)

so far, 4 plans for the moment. insya allah, i will make myself follow those rules of mine. and will update you guys either i'm succeed or not. pray for it yer. malu hell kot sanding tetiba aku cam gajah lak atas pelamin kan. mati kena kutok jerk nanti ngan kawan2. dah la mak mak hayammm tuh sume mulot cam longkang sgt kn. haha! mati tak tahan kena kutokk jerk nanti. hahahaha! 

wish me all the best. so bulan depan, 7/3/2012 i will update my weight. either im successful or not. haha! pray for my health yer kenkawan. 

see ya later.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

After 2 years

salam and hello there.

                                                 *** credit pics to mr google.

tajuk hari neh jerk dah menggambarkan betapa lama nyer. haha. 2 tahun might be seems sekejap, but as for me. lama tuh. haha. cuba kira ikot hari, bulan, minit, jam, saat. haha! terasa kelamaan nye tak gitu. ok. actually its been two years already, i left all those chatting activities. when we say chatting, obviously it will lead us to those mirc, ym, skype things right. well as for me, love mirc and ym. both are what we called as pioneer in their won way. well good way of cos. i've started chatting since i was form 1. i used mirc since 1998? eh eh tua nye. hahahahhaa. ok. last time, tak byk channel or even web like now. last time was boring when u on9. totally information basis oni. i dunno, myb last time tak sebijik sekarang utk on9 kot. hahahha! skng. ckp jerk apa. sume aku leh carik. even nk wat kad kawin pon. google jerk org lain punye kad. haha naseb jumpe nyah. amik contoh. kalu tak mati nk byk upah wat map la apa la. grrr! (eh btw kad dah stat tempah..hihi) tuh nanti dlm issues yg akan dtg. 

after 2 years. semalam i just download the mirc and  start it all over again. haha. dem! alhamdulillah, i meet few nice person there. we do have lots of chats on life, education, politics. this is what im looking forward when socializing in those network of chatting. instead of misused it, and berknalan sana sini. betol kata org technology neh kadang2 membuat kan kita lack of something in our relationship. yelah. apa kejadah nye kan. berkenalan sana sini semata2 nk ngurat org. sometimes those idiots tuh dah ada kidssss berderet2. kejadah sgt kn. looking for sex partner la apa la. sumpah mengarut. even facebook lately has been one of the new medium to search for that kind of services. don't be surprise to see them naked without rasa bersalah. life has changed lately. gile tedious.

what make me go on for chat again, maybe sometimes i need a good company. just to hear my stupid opinion and argue with me. i miss argument. all this while, i didn't realize it since im still studying. after grad like now. i really need to make my brain go smoothly. haha. gile hell. ok motif here is. the guy whom always chat wif me fewwwwww years ago. still wait for me? funny kn? pity him. he's 32 already this year. yalah last time we are so super arrogant and ego, don't want to ask each other numbers. haha. now like.. 'i wish i did ask for ur number last time, so we won't loose contact, and i don't ym u everyday just to check either u on9 or not'. hahaha. i wassss totally blur that time. terkejot nyah! melompat mak disitu yer. naseb realize mak dah nk kawin. i just laugh, and did mention dat i'm goin to marriy very soon. once my card done. i will sent one to him. obviously. hihi. then later he mention. "if last few years.. we didn't be so ego and arrogant, sure my name will be on that card kn?' mak melompat lebey tinggi kali neh. ayoyo. tepuk dahi sendiri kejap. haha! mati2 parah neh. haha i quit chatting pon bcos dah jumpe encik tunang neh la. haaha. i dont have much time on chatting anymore. haha! gile tak sangka i still wait for me after a long time. pity him. takpela. ada hikmah sume tuh. sure he will find one fine girl for her one day. well as for me.. life still like this.. actually he is a fine man. very good looking type of man. workaholic type. 9am to 8pm types of man. his life badminton, chat wif me, lepak with his friends, and tenis. no huha. no wonder he seems lost after 2 years. hahaha. laju2 nk jumpe mak di ikea since his house nearer to that area. jln kaki jerk kata nyer. oh tidak nyah! mak tak rela. jgn wat pasal. kuar lak silat kuntau cik abg tuh kang. haha.

takpela. benda dah lepas dah pon. sume tuh sejarah. haa for those yg takda teman tp mesra. mulakan la langkah anda. jgn la pulak carik sex partner kt sana. when ur into jerk dah tak betol, for sure u can't find a good one there. trust me. start as friends, and will end up with friends and who noes life treat u well, u can find ur own happiness. am i right. actually me and incik tunang pon meet up thru social networks web jugak. hahahha. then lead to ym, then skype. haha. cerita dulu.

see ya. pale n perot sakit ari neh. mogok kot. hahahhaa!