Friday, 24 February 2012

Interview Session

Assalammualaikum & Hello semua

being bz lately, opss starting jerk ayat dah poyo kan. haha totally mintak penampar sgt. actually lately bz attending interview at numerous company. through some observation, certain company operates without you cant even imagine about them. especially on how you will work. on what you will do. those things are beyond your expectation. sometimes i do wonder, how on earth people living in KL with RM1,800 - RM2,500. just do your simple calculation guys. makan, minum, transportation, rumah sewa/ monthly house installment/ car installment/ for those amik ptptn, ptptn payment, credit card payment, api, air, telefon (ridiculous). tuh tak msuk lagik all those basic things for living baju, seluar, tudung, kasut. perfume, sikat, bedak, make up. kadang2 tekak nk makan mcd, kfc, pizza. mata tetiba nk tgk wayang. tekak gatal nk g karoke, kaki gatal nk g joget2. haha! just imagine, every months, how much we have to spent for livings. sometimes, we do overspent on certain things. or is this where the credit card will play their roles? walla!

from my observation, going for few companies recently, i have to say, the malaysian market getting weird. since you offer those super qualified people; degree holder, diploma holder, but somehow, you just paid them with ridiculous amount. just imagine big companies; well-known only want to pay you RM2000-RM2200 only. i just like duh! pity us, especially for uni leaver, study gile nak mati just to chase some papers, but those industrial people offered us with some unbelievable figures. just imagine degree holder starting nowadays only RM1800. cant you imagine with that figure? ayoyo. sumpah tak cukup. bayar sana sini tak sampai hujung bulan poket dah nipis. so tell me mcm mana nk kawin? nk simpan duit kawin? seday bile pikir kan naseb young generation akan datang. bak kata my parents; youngsters nowadays akan susah nk beli own house. nk beli kereta pon after this pon dah susah kan. after the implementation of new rules for hire purchase new cars being imposed by BNM. one side might be good. to help in reducing numbers of bankruptcy people in malaysia, especially among youngsters. however, on the other side, by imposing this rules, car industry will drop, numbers of people able to buy cars also will drop, car industry getting smaller, and obviously will lead for unemployment, later will affect all those GDP la apa lah kan. so there are a lot of consequences to be looked again and do need table talk again. lame me! merepek! haha!   ***i didnt mean to mention anybody in here ok, and those at outside KL. this situation only valid at klang valley. haha leh ker cenggitu? **

ok balik pada tajuk asal. interview. btw sebenarnya nk cite pengalaman. ok myb uolls penah kena panggey interview with one of this company. D1 Pacific at Menara Yayasan Selangor. well my experience like this yer. i was quite happy being offered an interview session with them. i go there and drive early in the morning, bersesak2 di jalan raya kan. sampai there. there are 1 guy wait to be interview, and i straightly go to Miss Nida (receptionist there). she is very nice and helpful. while waiting, i've been ask to fill up few forms. and soon right after finish everything, i hand it back my form and resume. while waiting, i start to observed the place. look at their cutomer's logo being hang at their wall. i just try to remember some of it. cos, naluri hati mengatakan maybe they will ask about this. mamat sebelah yg sampai dulu tuh kena panggil by an australian guy. big, tall, and handsome. handsome? haha! naaaah~ ok. i just look at jam dinding skali lalu, glance jek lah kn. 10.30 am. by the time, i start browsing around thru my gadgets. i can hear some cheering voice. i was bit, wah apakah itu uolls? Nida look at me and say, sorry they are having meeting. i just staring at her. and say meeting? yup; she nodded. 

dalam hati i uolss. wah best nau company neh. haha! meeting pon happy2. cheering2 lagik. i suke. tak stress. tgh melayan2 persaan sambey intai2 dorang meeting (mak nam sgt kn? haha!..) segera mamat tuh dah sudah interview. i tgk jam eh baru 3-4 minit jerk. then that guy call my name. super nice guy. berbelit lidah i nk merepek melayan kan his mother tongue yg tebal tuh kn. haha! mcm2 dia ty. salah satu nyer soalan yg i dah expect, whom is their clients? can u list out few names that you could remember? so he said. congrats miss. u berjaya. esk u kena dtg sekend interview lagik yer. perasaan masa tuh. eh best nau. dah berjaya kn. telepon lah incik tunang inform dia. happy mode** 

second day. sampai jerk. got another girl. so just 2 of us on that day, whom already past the first test. KOT! haha! then sampai jerk sana, we've been ask to watch their success videos and listen to what their employees think about them. oh ya btw their parents company is Appco. Australian base company. so masa interview semalam. basically he do brief me that, actually D1 is one of their subsidiaries in Malaysia. what did they do? actually they are marketer. they are doing marketings for few big companies. for D1 itself they do cater on telecommunication and charity's projects. so masa tgk video tuh. kami berdua just mendengar yg those workers of Appco neh happy working with Appco. masa tuh hati dah feeling; hurm, lain mcm jerk kn. nak nak bila tgk video dorang jalan2 tepi jalan. hati? suruh pikir positive. tak baik pikir bebukan kn. haha! cuba menyakin kan diri sgt.

ok soon right after we finish. each of us being given 1 mentor. they will teach you and will let you know, exactly what you will do. and at the same time will conduct face to face interview session with you but in different perspective since they will bring you out jalan2. haha! ok. i was given a charming and handsome indian guy with me. we talk and jalan2 to one of the coffee house at Amcorp Mall. while jalan2. beribu soalan aku ty dekat dia kan. end up. purpose of the jalan2 session tuh adalah untuk to let you know, how your salary will be. masa tuh terkujat yer uolss. salary given weekly. every friday. you dont have basic salary. tp your salary will be given through your commissions. each paper being sign, you will be given RM70/each. lepas tuh. once you reached targeted, you akan masuk another group. meaning you dah tak focus on totally sales. tp dah start involve with management. after that, u akan jadik group leader. bwh u akan mula 3, then 5, 10, 15, 20. so gaji korang akan base on how successful your group will be. masa you jadik group leader, those 3,5, tuh sume akan jadik your money/ salary contributor. since any sales that they make, your portion is there. so byk sales dorang, byk la gaji uolss. masa tuh aku dah like tawar2 hati. sb...? bak kata nabil 'lu pikir la sendiri' haha!

later he bring me to lrt session nk tunjuk kan how they will work. dgn penuh kehenseman, kasut tinggi bagai. nak tercabot kaki i ok. berjalan pling jauh nk g lrt tuh. tak jauh sgt actually tp sb pakai kasut tinggi tuh jadik jauh. haha. so what did they do? jeng jeng. sure uolss penah come out this situation. g maybank ker apa ker. suddenly ada booth kecik depan tuh kn. suruh sign up bayar monthly dekat Wwf. bukan gusti tuh. haha tp yg pertubuhan jaga binatang tuh. haaa korang wat keje tuh la. korang akan carik ppl to sign up those forms. to save all animals. masa tuh: me? ya rabbi. selama neh aku bila org suh sign up cenggitu. laju jerk i show sign talked to the hand. haha now aku wat keje tuh. ayoyo. karma betol!  betol2 what u give, u get back la time tuh kan. ***tears***

segera msg incik tunang. meronta nak balik. tp tk baik lak kan. so layan kan la dat mamat. then balik. interview again with that australian guy. dia ty how and everything. bla bla. aku dpt kje. AKU DAPAT! hahaha. melekek segera uolss. suruh dtg keje minggu depan nye. blik cerita kt dia. segera dia gelak kan aku gile2 kan. sampai skrng jerk nampak geng2 wwf/unisef/telecommunication D/C/M wat booth segera dia kata "kawan2 u tuh, g la approach, say hello". nak tercekik sgt aku dgr kn. haha! then dia akan kata. neh sepatot nye kawan korang neh. tp dia lari tak daftar diri. haha! gile!

so actually tepuk dada tanya lah selera. it depends on u. kalau korang suke bercakap. communication skills very good and power ok la. mcm my case. i know my ability better. i tak leh do those things. sb people approach mcm tuh pon i tak suke. cos ada yg jenis force you to sign/ take  kn. so i mmg tak boley la wat keje tuh. summore takda kuderat. haha. berdiri lama2 at public. walking and talking from 1 person to another. stakat korang nak gain experience. ok. spm leavers ok. nk saja2 keje. for long term purpose, karier perspective dont la. pity your parents. penat dia anta belaja tinggi2 later you give other pamphlet jerk. not me tp just quote my brother nyer ayat "tuh keje budak lepas spm pon boley buat, tak payah la nk qualification beria2, sampai minimum requirement kena ada diploma' im not cruel or eksen ker aper2 pon. tp you know urself better and what i'm trying to say in here kn kn? sb pada i tak patot masa iklan, dorang letak tajuk keje sedap2. executive sales and marketing la, event organizer la, management trainee la. apa la. but yet. sume nye dusta. sb korang ttp wat keje yg sama jerk. 

reason for this entry nk for those future candidates will know, and bear in their mind, notice, what is D1 is all about. sb i cant even google anything about them. tepuk dada ty selera okey.

btw hari neh. i g interview at HSBC. tunggu la result dia cane kn. got few levels of interview. english test la apa la kan. for those future candidates for HSBC make yourself ready for basic English grammar. were/was/ been/ being/had/have/has. haha! those question come out yer. be well prepared. another tips is, have brakfast dulu b4 dtg. sb its 1 whole day event. if your are lucky like me, dpt sume 1st session. pukul 2.15pm dah settle. yg lain i dunno what time they finished. since lapa hell. berlari2 balik. another tips, for those candidates yg drive to their office. be prepared, no parking available for you. so u kena park jauh then berlari2 cam kangaroo ke their office. semolek2 nyer. ajak la any of your friends teman kan u. so they can fetched you and your mind akan rasa kereta selamat ok. so tak la serabot. haha!

p/s: credit pics to pakcik google. thanks!


  1. Hai iam here, visit and comment me back okey :)

  2. hi dear, cam kebetulan saje. i work with WWF tp kat site project...i know some people from APPCO...kesiannkan...i mmg xsuke kerja marketing..xsuke suh org dgr kite ckp..haha..

  3. haha cik jan keje wwf ke. ya rabbi. kecik jek dunia neh kan. haha.haha tuh la cik jan. sama lah kita. sy pon bukan jenis marketing type people. haha.