Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Thank you

assalammualaikum everyone.


dengan segala rahmat Allah, terima kasih yg tak terhingga. result pekse dah kuar. i'm totally amaze. haha! seday sume  ada, bercampuar baur. finally sume paper lulus ngan jayaya which means i will grade my MBA with flying colors. haha! sumpah happy rasa nk lompat2 malam tadik. hantar msg kt encik tunang. even tough tahu dia tido. hihi. thank you so much darling. for those help, kesabaran selama these 1 and a half years. menjadi pendengar setia. peneman belajar. thanks for those support, to wiped away all my tears. thank you so much darling. paling tak terhingga untuk bonda and ayahanda yg byk berkorban. membantu. memberi insipirasi. ayah for those lovely ideas of yours, really appreciate it. haha you know how much i really hate reading those financial articles; so you have to explained to me with the easiest way that my mind can understand. thanks jugak ayah, for helping me with my research paper on oil crisis that day. it's just so unbelievable to have A+ for that super creepy paper. oh how i am dying and struggle to finish it. tapi alhamdulillah sume nya berbaloi2. haha. mak for your support dari dulu. you always be my cute tulang belakang ever. doa from mak and ayah, siblings are the best gift ever.

not forget to mention to my crime partner, nini and kak tz. this 1 and a half years, will be the toughest year without you guys. how lucky i am to have you as my friends. geng karok and movie. for those entertainment when we really need it. haha. so much fun. huha yet struggling to finish our MBA. **tears**. classmate and lecturer, you guys are rock. thank you so much. **see you guys at convocation hall**

p/s: ash our next mission : phd mission is starting. **tears again** waaaa. mana nk carik scholar la apa la. research proposal lagik journals.. oh no! another 2 years beb. semoga tabah. **welcome phd life** (welcoming with open arms feeling.. haha) sgt kn? sentap!


  1. nak menangis jugak boleh?huhu..kagum dengan org yang ada semangat belajar tinggi ni..tahniah apa2 pun..tumpang happy baca..mcm kita pulak yang lulus flying colors tuh..hehe

  2. haha thanks awk. semangat jek lebey neh. kihkih. insya allah sume org ada. cepat atau lambat jerk utk merealisasikan nyer. time kaseh! sama2 la kita happy. haha!

  3. congrats miss chenta hati. Wah pasni boleh wt phd pulak.