Sunday, 19 February 2012

ZA Pore Smoother

Assalammualaikum semua.

Happy sunday all! i'm having big breakfast this morning with my boo at Pak Li kopitiam. having nasi lemak after few months i didn't take it. wallaaaa. sgt rindu kan aroma nasi lemak. haha! ok stop merepek. actually this entry purpose dia nk review this one products. i come across this product secara tak sengaja sebenar nya. masa guardian sale at Curve that day. i just buy this thing since it only cost me for RM15.00. sales gurl tuh did mention it is a good products kan. which before this in previous entry i did buy compact powder kan? pity me! tak padan dgn kulit muka. turn out to be sooo dem gelap with my skin. curious padahal dah amik kaler plik kecil scale dia. bila sapu jerk dah jadik yenna yenni. haha! 

ok this pore smoother from ZA neh. walla weh. i really like it. for B2B yg ada big pores/ pimples like me. i really recommended this things. uolls taw tak dia berjaya men smooth kan my skin, and make it look flawless. tak caya? ohhh just believe it. seriously ok. pore smoother neh something like balm. which u can apply directly to your face. bile pakai jerk feeling dia mcm mint2 gitu sikit at the first place. maybe sb i got pimples ker kan. so dia rasa cenggitu. so after pakai. i teros pakai foundation mcm biasa. sb dia teros kering. kulit lak feeling2 baby gitu. lembot yer! ok proceed. then i kuar hang out wif boo. g pantai morib. then sepang. mkn ikan bakar sume. oh heaven. rosak diet program ku. grrr! balik, and reached home like 8.40pm. then i just realize muka i tak berminyak  wah! amazing. after mandi, cuci muka n everything. bla bla bla. b4 tido cuci muka n put again that pore smoother things. teros tido. bangun pagi jerk. i terkejut tgk my face kt cermin.

jeng jeng jeng... y????

sb other places yg takda pimples. look so licin n flawless. glowing2 uolls my skin. yg ada pimples sikit2 tuh. biasalah masalah bulanan kn. teros segera kecut. n like bekas2 pimples tuh pulak dah reduce dia punye scar. and smooth. i pegang muka byk kali. muka jadik lembot. terkujat yer. sampai pegang byk2 kali. haha! amazing. so hari neh pakai lagik. buh byk skit. kihkih. seharian rasa spt kulit bayi. and pling best tak berminyak. haha! sgt recommended pada B2B yg ada prob skin like mine. i was looking for this kind of products for the entire of my life. haha! seriously, the one whom have probs like mine will oni know our kinds better. so guys check this products at your nearest watson, guardian ker. ZA ok. market price will be like RM38 if i'm not mistaken. that range yer. 

product will look like this.

***credit pics to uncle google.

ZA Pore Smoother

  • diminishes the appearance of pores for smooth complexion.
  • absorbs excess oil and instantly leaves skin silky-matte.
  • contains an oil-absorbing ingredient to improve the appearance of enlarged pores caused by excess oil production.
  • can be used as a make up base or over foundation.