Wednesday, 1 February 2012

After 2 years

salam and hello there.

                                                 *** credit pics to mr google.

tajuk hari neh jerk dah menggambarkan betapa lama nyer. haha. 2 tahun might be seems sekejap, but as for me. lama tuh. haha. cuba kira ikot hari, bulan, minit, jam, saat. haha! terasa kelamaan nye tak gitu. ok. actually its been two years already, i left all those chatting activities. when we say chatting, obviously it will lead us to those mirc, ym, skype things right. well as for me, love mirc and ym. both are what we called as pioneer in their won way. well good way of cos. i've started chatting since i was form 1. i used mirc since 1998? eh eh tua nye. hahahahhaa. ok. last time, tak byk channel or even web like now. last time was boring when u on9. totally information basis oni. i dunno, myb last time tak sebijik sekarang utk on9 kot. hahahha! skng. ckp jerk apa. sume aku leh carik. even nk wat kad kawin pon. google jerk org lain punye kad. haha naseb jumpe nyah. amik contoh. kalu tak mati nk byk upah wat map la apa la. grrr! (eh btw kad dah stat tempah..hihi) tuh nanti dlm issues yg akan dtg. 

after 2 years. semalam i just download the mirc and  start it all over again. haha. dem! alhamdulillah, i meet few nice person there. we do have lots of chats on life, education, politics. this is what im looking forward when socializing in those network of chatting. instead of misused it, and berknalan sana sini. betol kata org technology neh kadang2 membuat kan kita lack of something in our relationship. yelah. apa kejadah nye kan. berkenalan sana sini semata2 nk ngurat org. sometimes those idiots tuh dah ada kidssss berderet2. kejadah sgt kn. looking for sex partner la apa la. sumpah mengarut. even facebook lately has been one of the new medium to search for that kind of services. don't be surprise to see them naked without rasa bersalah. life has changed lately. gile tedious.

what make me go on for chat again, maybe sometimes i need a good company. just to hear my stupid opinion and argue with me. i miss argument. all this while, i didn't realize it since im still studying. after grad like now. i really need to make my brain go smoothly. haha. gile hell. ok motif here is. the guy whom always chat wif me fewwwwww years ago. still wait for me? funny kn? pity him. he's 32 already this year. yalah last time we are so super arrogant and ego, don't want to ask each other numbers. haha. now like.. 'i wish i did ask for ur number last time, so we won't loose contact, and i don't ym u everyday just to check either u on9 or not'. hahaha. i wassss totally blur that time. terkejot nyah! melompat mak disitu yer. naseb realize mak dah nk kawin. i just laugh, and did mention dat i'm goin to marriy very soon. once my card done. i will sent one to him. obviously. hihi. then later he mention. "if last few years.. we didn't be so ego and arrogant, sure my name will be on that card kn?' mak melompat lebey tinggi kali neh. ayoyo. tepuk dahi sendiri kejap. haha! mati2 parah neh. haha i quit chatting pon bcos dah jumpe encik tunang neh la. haaha. i dont have much time on chatting anymore. haha! gile tak sangka i still wait for me after a long time. pity him. takpela. ada hikmah sume tuh. sure he will find one fine girl for her one day. well as for me.. life still like this.. actually he is a fine man. very good looking type of man. workaholic type. 9am to 8pm types of man. his life badminton, chat wif me, lepak with his friends, and tenis. no huha. no wonder he seems lost after 2 years. hahaha. laju2 nk jumpe mak di ikea since his house nearer to that area. jln kaki jerk kata nyer. oh tidak nyah! mak tak rela. jgn wat pasal. kuar lak silat kuntau cik abg tuh kang. haha.

takpela. benda dah lepas dah pon. sume tuh sejarah. haa for those yg takda teman tp mesra. mulakan la langkah anda. jgn la pulak carik sex partner kt sana. when ur into jerk dah tak betol, for sure u can't find a good one there. trust me. start as friends, and will end up with friends and who noes life treat u well, u can find ur own happiness. am i right. actually me and incik tunang pon meet up thru social networks web jugak. hahahha. then lead to ym, then skype. haha. cerita dulu.

see ya. pale n perot sakit ari neh. mogok kot. hahahhaa!

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