Thursday, 16 February 2012

Facts That A Guy Should Know

Salam Peeps.

Baca tajuk jerk dah mcm panas kan. haha! mmg pon. hati membara2 neh. tersirap2 pon ada. neh agak nye org panggey dugaan tunang. panas membara jerk kan hati. ada jerk dia wat2 benda yg mensakit kan hati aku neh. but come on. sometimes it is not funny just to make a stupid jokes on how you look like ok. even though it maybe normal to you. but sometimes, it will hurt the other part of yours. women dont need guy to always pampered her too much. a little bit of concern here and there should be nice. sometimes it is not fault just to say to her, admit that you love her. i dont need a romantics types of guys. but a little bit of care when i really needed should be great. sometimes, we ladies, do need you just to listen. but what happen? you turn out to be the most  criticism guys ever and become sarcastic. homaiigodd. please, cant u just like keep quiet and listen.  

to make things become worst, you just come to us or look for us when ever you feel to. we? makan, minum, mandi, tido pon feeling2 ingt korang. uollls? duh! hey come on. all these while.. my entire life, i was hoping to have somebody like romantic kind of guys, concern, super duper like mcm dlm film or novel type of guys. but i know, in reality. out of 100 guys, percentage to have that kind of guys is only like 10%. haha sikit kan. but seriously yes. but sometimes this 10% guys pulak, film and novel forget to mention, that they can turn out to be so irritating kind of guys on earth. haha! over romantics can kill you. remember that. haha!

i'm one kind of girls that a pop rock and indie kind, and you a rockers types of guys. but darling, come on. 10% parts of you, still have this romantics feeling deep inside your heart. we girls sometimes has to dig it. digging things here is not an easy things to do ever. sb??? akan ada faktor2 luaran yg menyakit kan hati.

usually to a guys. their main problems ever is their friendsssss. i repeat, their friends.  suke lebih kan kenkawan dari aweks/tunang/ wife. alasan tak cool. alasan i know them before you. dia kwn susah sng i. fine. kdng2 they wiling to hurt his other parts just to make them look cool in front of their friends. actually tak cool langsung ok! ada yg like, nk panggey awek sendiri syng in front of their friends pon malu2 and segan. they prefer, hey hey. kejadah. dah romantic habes la tuh dgn panggey hey hey mcm tuh.

did you know,one of the main reasons for them to choose us is through his friends judgment.  they will be like serious in the relationship to you when you past their test. (before meet their parents). what kind of test? they will bring you out to meet their close friends. when you able to suits well among them, tahan kena bahan dgn his close friends, boley lepak2 and talk to each other, you will past their test tuh. duh?! yes that's what happen ok ladies. this is sincere punye pengakuan dari lelaki. bukan sorang but fewwwwww of them. tapi sometimes. friends can be so sarcastic and irritating. do observe please. they are. when you lepak2 with them you will know what i mean. and their mouth either. can you believe, kadang2 mulot lelaki neh lagik berbisa dari ladies. wth kan? yes. they are. believe me. kadang2 dia punye mak nam lagik mcm haram jadah sgt. menyirap and tersirap2. my fiance punyer friends sometimes can be irritating. yes! for them it's just a joke. stupid joke. but for us??????? it's not a joke. all this while i'm one kind that are so patient types of lady. but that day, i cant even stand there any minutes. then i just turn out to listen to musics that played at the kenduri. my fiance asik usik2 kaki i, but i dont even look at him. just to put a little way of saying that i mad at him. still i talk to few people there, their wife and gf. i tak buat muka. i just diam jerk and focus to the ghazal play that time. what happen then? masuk kereta he like bising at me. bit of yell there. 'kenapa you buat muka depan my friends?' kenapa? kenapa? kenapa? i just like.. i tak buat muke ok. fine. muke i mmg mcm neh. i tgk ghazal tuh kn. kenapa?? sure my friends ingt you marah diaorag.

ok. aku panas terus. "oooo. i marah you tak perasan.' or you buat2 tak perasan? tp bila diaorg you alert pulak. kan ke bias disitu uolss. sentap tahu tak. kadang2 you have to be a super duper good actress ever just to make sure his friends are ok. and you have to pleased them. WTF disitu ok. if aku mulot jahat. nk jek aku suruh dia kawin ngan kenkawan dia teros. grrr! man! sometimes come on. we ladies, need you to back us when your friends are making joke on us. come on just show lil bit of concern. bukan nye you all tompang sekaki. it's hurt ok. i dont mind at all your friends joke tuh. tak berbekas dihati aku pon. sb diaorng bukan bagik aku makan pon. tapi bile ko join sekali. sentap disitu yer. grr! so man cant leave without his buddy. i know. diaorg boleh mati ok. haha! mcm mana we need air, that's how they really need their buddy with them. brotherhood kate nye. jadah!

aku tak kesah sume tuh. but pls. dont make fun of us ok. making fun on us, its not a funny things. ok back to the rock and indie just now. since you are rockers, come on. dig out your 10% please, just to let us know that you like and love us. for those whom having a good bf, you are very lucky enaf. but me! grr!

however, he still great in my eyes. he one kid of his actions speaks louder than his words. :D sometimes, his actions makes me mad, but at the same time it make me crazy on him. but sometimes, i need those 10% sweetness of him. just to make me calm. come on guys. its not a stupid and embarrassed things to do. do say  I LOVE YOU, to your love ones, before she leave from this world and you unable to say it to her. ( you should take note this one darling..)

woman need appreciation. trust me. it works. as for me, appreciation is the most import things after all. women is one of the best Allah's creation, they being given a small and soft kind of heart. once they love anyone, they willing to do anything for her love one. they don't ask you, to repay back what ever she has done to you. but what they need is appreciation. do appreciate them. that's all. they wont ask for more for sure. a little bit token of appreciation should be great, "thank you sayang". my dad, this old man, his recipe of happiness is very simple. appreciate what ever my mom did to him. you know what. every time, he finish his meals, dinner, breakfast, or what ever. he will say. "thanks sayang for a great dinner.' ... great breakfast.. great megi. haha. he never forget to mention that everyday, every time we eat. kadang2. timbul dlm hati. ada lgik ker lelaki mcm tuh, after him? mak kata tak baik banding2 kan. tp trust me. anak perempuan. mcm mana pon, she put his father as a benchmark to choose any guy in his life.. sebijik sejibun tuh tak la. sekelumit tuh perlu ada kot.haha!.

ok la. dah panjang merepek. haha! luahan isi perut sgt kn. kihkih. sometimes luahan itu perlu. kalau tak stress uolss. benda neh kenkadang nak luah segan, nk luah takot gaduh. nk luah kang, guys tak leh terima. kan kan? lelaki tak leh terima lah benda2 cam neh. ckp ngan poyo jerk. nk heart to heart. open minded. jadah! yet still dorang takleh terima hakikat. and terima nye ngan hati terbuka. it's easy to say rather than to face it. haha. tak gitu. sometimes. yg malas nk heart to heart neh. kenkadang diaorang sendiri lepas tuh akan kata  kita gini gitu. u mcm neh, u mcm tuh. kang takot kita lak lah yg panas telinga. haha! sb this things sometimes guys don't want to know, but in fact they should know and have to know. dah baca baru like. hurm ye tak ye gak kn. haha! sometimes, guys mcm anak2. patot and perlu diberitahu dgn penuh kaseh syang. ok sayang2 sume. amik pengajaran ok. jgn wat cam neh kat kekaseh anda. tak baik sakit kan hati org yg anda sayang. haha! dah mcm cikgu tadika sgt. kihkih. always remember. small things sometimes can be a big things. and from small- small things it can leave a big impact without you knowing it. so tak salah buang kan ego tuh sikit and be nice to other people especially to your love ones. sometimes, don't be surprise, a girl might leave you bcos of this small2 things. and may choose by these small2 things.

sometimes lil bit of nice here and there, can be a huge and big different for ladies and make you more precious from the other guys. so tak salah buang ego yg merugikan diri sendiri. huh. it's 2012 already, so minded jgn jumut sgt. haha. jgn wat terkejut lepas neh pengantin perempuan lari from her wedding day. haha!

till merepek next time.

**pic ehsan pakcik google hemsem.


  1. sabar2 yea..jgn ikut kan rasa hati jerr..
    hati tgh panas, mcm2 la y y terbakar..mbuak2 ag api kemarahan..
    so semua perkataan terkuar...

    relex sat k!

  2. haha tuh entry penuh kesabaran tuh. just pesanan ngan kaseh syng. kihkih.