Saturday, 15 October 2011

internet yg sekelumit

Salam and hello.

good morning everyone. how's life? had your breakfast already? wonderful saturday right? nice weather when i wake up; really make my life so peaceful. yet, last night when the time i'm struggling doing the glo-bus system, suddenly internet become so stingy to share its connection to help me. pity my group members have to do it on their own. i'm unable to help since the connection of the internet become so stingy!
so rasa bersalah sgt towards them, and feel like crying so much. menyusah kan betol celcom neh. p1 pon sama. gile sekelumit. asik2 disconnect jerk keje nyer. nk pakai unifi kng, my area lom tiba lgik. summore quit expensive jugak. super tension tahap mentibang laut. nk tak nak kena la redha jerk. just hoping that my buddies will understand even thou sure dorang nyirap gile like hell kn 4 sure. hahahahha! but sumpah. i'm so guilty. hoping i'm able to turn back time and pijak2 celcom neh supaya tak sakit hati sgt. grrr!

sumpah benci giler. tp ampon kawan2. sy tak berdaya..
*** hasil dari kerja rakan 2 sy, our group dapat good place sgt for me. so much improvement from the earlier practice before.

but tonight hope everything will when well. and internet line akan much more better. i really want to participate. 

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