Friday, 14 October 2011


Salam and another hi for everyone.

again! tension for another redundant and millions of workloads. pity me! MBA doesn't seems as easier as i've been taught. summore with the last semester students of MBA, title has burden me a lot with those research stuff; assignment; grouping discussion, summore individual works to be submitted, projects here and there. and the best part of it; my fav of professor (your wish!) has given us extra works to be done; by insisting us to buy the most ridiculous system ever in my opinion. since it cost us about $USD 38.95 only. gosh! come on! ya ya i know, maybe for some of you, alahai its only $USD 38.95 which when u convert into Ringgit malaysia like +- something like RM130++. not to be mention the transaction fees bla bla. 

**picture taken directly from my webby; credit to my own lappy!

hooomaigoood. please la that creepy and freaking system only will be useful for like what 3 months and a half only. then u wont used it anymore. what the hell?!#!%!  arghhhh! most of us can't see the relevant of buying that! that was last week. and the system work like, you have to manage things in your company. and make sure like you earned high profit, EPS, as well as reducing the production cost and bla bla bla.  not to mention those ratios things of ROA, ROE, bal blabla bla.  well it might relevance if you buy it as a group and the cost will be divided by 3, since the decision can only be made by 1 person/1 account holder, not 3/4 or 2. even though you have like 5 in your group, but the decision will be like 1 only. then no point like when each of the group member buying the system. it might be better if we buy 1 pin, then be shared among us. that will be more effective and competitive i think! rather than doing this way! lead to the complaint like this obviously and unsatisfactory, regret and of cos disappointment. the things that u have to look before deciding is the effectiveness of the system and the outcome that the students will be obtained. right? instead of looking at the advantages you will get when using this stupid system; easier work for u, since u don't have to struggle to teach and come across with the arguments with your students. 

but yet. even though how many times i argue; yet i have to finish those insane work of mine before this midnight. just need a few minutes to be human and real me, that's the reason y i keep on mumbling everything in here. sorry taking your time by reading those insane things that i being mumble around today. haha! pity my beloved fiance; he have to listen to this nonsense since last week. pity him! love u so much darling. that's the reason why i choose u. u like an angel, having millions of patience with me. understand me more than anyone ever do. cheer me up whenever i'm moody and selekeh with those workloads. lend me your shoulder and wiping my tears when im having difficulties. thanks my lord for sending him to me!

p/s: I love you boo!

***mode: tension tahap gaban bertanduk. submission dateline is tonight, 2 assignments.
                     1 tomorrow night. 11.59pm (dateline)
                     wednesday --> test
                     tuesday ---> submission assignment prof cantik!
                    = i need my beauty sleep!

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