Friday, 14 October 2011

Downton Abbey

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its thursday, opss now is midnight obviously its friday. ok, so i just wanna share one of the new interest of mine. have u guys watch this series of downton abbey at Diva universal channel? @702. yups its kinda new but yet, this week is the 6th episode of it already. i just love the series. as you know, i'm so kinda addicted to those aristocrats things.. england.. british accents. it make me feel alive. i dunno since i was a kid, i'm so addicted to it.

 Btw you should seen this series. totally awesome and something new. The series is set in the fictional Downton Abbey, country house of the Earl and Countess of Grantham, and follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants early in the reign of King George V. so its all about the family itself, her 3 daughters, and their servants too. conflicts here and there as usual. among servants too of cos, yet its awesome.

they start the series with introducing the lives of their servants, wake up at 6am, start working, tidying the castle, then prepare for breakfast. once the Earl's familys wake up the will ring the bells to let their servants know that they already wake up. haha! nice one. then it move on into the cases of titanic that being sink in April 1912. then move on to the outbreak of the First World War on 4 August 1914. Much of the focus is on the need for a male heir to the Grantham estate, and the troubled love life of Lady Mary as she attempts to find herself a suitable husband.

The device that sets the drama in motion is the entail that accompanies the (fictional) Earldom of Grantham, which endows both title and estate exclusively to heirs male. This is complicated by the fact that the estate had been near financial ruin, and was only saved when the present Earl, then the heir apparent, contracted a wealthy marriage with an extremely rich American heiress. Upon marriage, her considerable fortune was contractually incorporated into the comital entail in perpetuity.

The Earl, having had only three daughters and no son, had arranged for his elder daughter to marry her cousin Matthew (hensem one, of cos ahaks!), and son to the heir presumptive, thus keeping both title and estate within the immediate family. The demise of both heirs presumptive in the sinking of the Titanic destroys the family plans and brings a distant cousin, a young solicitor from Manchester, in line to inherit everything, including the personal wealth of the Countess, who will not be able to bequeath it to her daughters.

the best part of it, their houses, or in this case the main setting is at Highclere Castle in Berkshire; and was used for exterior shots of Downton Abbey as well for some of the interior filming. the series cost them like £1 million per episode. millions? summore in pound. gosh! no wonder the first season only have 7 episodes. haha! wew~!

this series has become new phenomena in tv industries since its boom in most of the major countries. wallaa! so far as my concern, there are 3 series/ season already. currently showing at malaysian tv is the 1st season. i just cant stop myself from fall in love with it. i've download the 1st season already. haha! kill me now
! weehu!

** thanks mr google for your kindness; for giving me chances to steal few pictures of yours. thank you. haha!

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