Thursday, 13 October 2011

Another creepy nite!

Salam & hello!

Another creepy nite for me. unable to sleep. i guess it almost morning when i can sleep safe and sound. like almost 5am in the morning. GOSH i really hate those students staying below my apartment. they tends to make so much noise, whenever they needed. come on, and have a life please. your are not kids anymore. please la respect those neighbor whom got babies, those kids whom going for school, yet at 2 and 3am you start your own concert , which is so dem fcuking disaster for me. well since i'm just 1 floor above them, obviously i will heard clearly. come on la guys, do respect your neighbors. they seem like 'terlepas from kandang' or something. enjoying life so muuch without parents to be concern, and far from their mumbling here and there.  BUT Yet! do respect us.

Too much noise usually make me unable to sleep; it will distract my concentration.  creepy isn't it? after a long day , then u unable to spend your quality time at bed, grrrr1 i feel like i wanna kill them this morning. to make things worst, mosquitoes attacking all over. perghhh! sumpah menyirap giler like hell!

seriously, thank god i still realize that i'm a girl or else, im sure going to yelled at them and crack and kick their ass making concert with those rock music and techno music all over, and then their gig-lings, singing, running all over the house, and bunyi periuk sana sini, kedegang kedegung. Hoooomaiiigoooodd. please la. at nite let them be sandals. cant even move/ or hear their voices.  haha! baru padan muka korang! haa suker sangat bising2 sana sini kan? mmg patot sgt la if kena sumpah cenggitu.

therefore, moral of the story here peeps, do respect your neighbor. privacy is the priority! why do we choose, such quite apartment condo, is because we want a privacy. happy life, got guards over there, safety and pleasant life. but you! the management of stupid nursing college at klang! has make my life so hard lately by make this apartment as your hostel! Stupid organization, if those students are well mannered than it's fine with me. but with those hanky panky stupid student, voices here and there. make things become so hard for us. the organization should concern on this matters. come on, find 1 good place for them. spent out some money,rent a building or something. this is not a hostel! lelaki and perempuan campur. isnt it so stupid, to separate them 1 house lelaki n girls. tp letak sebelah menyebelah. hello when those kakitgn is not there, this house being open like a restaurant, and anyone can masuk and lepak2. those girl pulak, house selamber lelaki can masuk, then duduk at balcony, mengankang besar2 n feeling like nk blajar main gitar. summore pakai those hot pants with sleeveless. siang, bertutup litup, summore ckp kelantan. perghhh!!! unacceptable langsung!
super duper stupid like hell!

hooomaigoood. jahat nau mulot aku neh kn. but yet. those are facts, that the management should look all over again. come on guys, you've been student before. of cos u will know those tricks. i'm a student, i do know. when aku keje pon. aku taw those tricks. bcos. i've been there before. know all those tricks. put your self there and later u will find out how stupid your decision is by putting those kids yg baru kluar kampung. and let them bercampur like dat. giler merosak kan anak melayu! 
ok dah tersasar dari tajuk rasa nye neh. another complaint from me. think about it.

renung2 kan n selamat beramal. ahaks!
have a nice day guys.

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