Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Opss! I did it AGAIN!

Helloooo There..

Hooomaiigoddd! did u guys know what is the latest interest of mine lately.?? grrr! i really hate it, when i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it so much. another stupid but yet so dem valuable! ahaks! super berbaloi2 for me. i just wonder how on earth; this person are able to give us so much discount. ya right! since it can be done; another reason obviously because, for the purpose of promotion, another marketing strategy for those whom like me, stingy yet looking for something that really valuable for every money being spend! yey!
taraaa! i just buy another 2 of it! garrrr! i cant get rid of this stupid things! buying buying buying. it makes me alive you know. some kind of karma, or cursed. haha! 

click it howkey!

well i just buy 2 ticket b4, but that one from milkadeal, another fav discount webby of mine. well this ticket is super cool. since u can choose either to use it medium portrait,small square, or even small landscape which each of these items will cost u like RM208. so buy buying this ticket it only cost u like RM 54 only! best kan??

haha i just love it. and you guys will love it tooo! just so funny when i just found myself are addicted to this webby. 
buy 1 too for yourself today! 2 days left for those discount ticket!

happy buying peeps!

** thanks mr google for those fancy image of groupon.

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