Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Gosh im blogging again!

Hello there!
its been years already i didn't involve in any blogging activities. just few words of encouraging my lil sister to start her blog. but yet, i'm the one who being left behind after all.  so why did i reopen my blog again? i guess i do miss writing, and complaining here and there. missing things to do with my fellars out there. too much hanging around here and there also  are one of the reasons why i'm start writing again and again. even though i do know and notice i wont have too much time to rearrange everything right now.

i love writing. just love it. maybe because its our culture which will stop us to expressing our  opinion and ways we looks things at. it such a waste if we cant express anything that we like most. so, i choose to express it through writing. much worth it. i love complaining things! absolutely perfect if i can express it here, so that people would think like the way i'm thinking and start to argue things that we don't like. we do have democracy; ya right; but with limited restriction here and there; and certain rules and regulation will be imposed to it. ya right!

hopefully buy having this lil diary of mine will help me managed my life much more easier and will love to put some effort to make this lil diary more manageable and systematic than before. and in addition of it. of coz, you will see millions of complaining and arguments, from me; since i just love it! as usual, it wont be much!

p/s: this is one way of therapy to release all your burden and tension after 1 whole day fighting like a warrior out there. cheeers~

btw. im a bride to be; does it make any different to you guys? haha! soon.. very2 soon. hoping everything will went very well. and i'm able to allocate enough time for my study as well as wedding preparation. 

have fun and have a nice day~

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