Sunday, 30 October 2011


Salam & hello again.

few hot stories tonight. let us share few of them. well lets stars with the biggest one first. of cos congratulations to all negeri sembilan's fans tonight and for the players especially. congrats for winning the malaysian cup! yey! for ganu's hope you guys will try your luck next year. well basically its a good moments and good game of cos. 

and not to mention; congrats to MU too, welcome back to the game & league. hope u guys will focus more this time; nak nak dah ada mister potato sbg sumber energy. haha. makan mister potato jerk sure ingat mu! happy to see them on the right track again. even though just 1-0 jerk with everton. but yet. it still an achievement. haha! for chelshit; haha boooooooooooooooo. poyo lagik lebey kn. syabas sb dah dikalahkan by arsengal tonight.  happy moment.! haha to chelshit's fan, booooooooooo (specific boooooo for my friends ok! haha esok 1 malaya boo aku kat sini. die!)

but deep inside my happy moment; i do feel isolated tonight. with those good friends of mine from degrees last time are making some kind of reunion or something. but the best part of it, they dont even ask me to join in, or inform me that they are having some kind of gathering in kl.arghh! kecik hati? maybe. since they are good friends of mine. so its kinda weird actually. well another thing is even my sister knowing that they will have some gath, but did'nt inform me earlier. and i always be the last one to be told to. am i that creepy or cruel until u guys don't want to invite me in? fine. thanks yer. takpe la. as usual i will always know, whom is my friends and whom is my enemy. and the most and the one n only my best friend is always my mom. she is the best i ever had. since i can trust her wif all of my heart. and the best part of it she will never back-stabbed  me. 

entah mybe i'm having some kind of hormones changing in myself until i do feel weird right now. i dunno i even have some kind of grieving with my boo. arghhh i dunno; and i really hate this kind of feelings. grieving with my own fiancee is one of the most stupid feeling ever.  maybe i'm getting older. haha! dem! i really hate this isolated feelings. takpelah. hoping that i will be able to over come this prob real soon.  benci benci benci. arghh but yet everyone have their own life yg tersendiri. myb i always put that kind of gap with them and summore make myself isolated from them; since i have boo, or perhaps because i have to focus on my study. logik ker? haha. lantak! mls nk pikir. eh eh sentap lak memalam neh. wakakkakaka! puiii!

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