Monday, 17 October 2011

Hello Monday

Salam and hello.

monday. another difficulties for me; since i hate gBI class. haha! but yet today, i'm so happy since the GBI class was cancel. even though is kinda last minute information being given to us. grrr! i was at the toll already just now. gile! haha siap sengih2 and lumpat2 dalam kereta since knowing class cancel. yet call kak tz nk confirm kn yg class really cancel smbey wat ayat seday. ahaks! totally berlakon of me. yucks! actually was so happy. 
later having lunch with few friends of mine at old town. grr! i was afraid to go there actually since rumors saying it is not HALAL. yet, my friend convince to me that, the outlet having halal certificate from Jakim. then i convince myself not to have any bad perceptions before knowing true things. then i remember clearly my aunt voices saying that, there are few outlets of old town that is halal. (she has went into jakim herself, to know the truth+she went for some kind of ceramah or something..bla bla bla. all the process to obtain halal at jakim, she know since she have the kopitiam at bangi; which areadi have the halal certificate.) so i keep to myself, that might be one of them.
reached at the old town, i'm rushing to the counter to see the certificate of that outlet myself. ok then sumpah rasa lega and no more perasaan curiga & was-was. haha! since i was one of the member's of halal team at Kn before, so i know that certificate is the originals one. not the fake one.

it makes me remember my boo so much. since we used to dating at old town last time. haha. before all the raises issues of old town; since i'm so addicted at their mee kari. superlicious.  grrr! boo knows it very well. and he knew i did miss old town's mee curry. haha. so today i just tapau for him some chicken curry wif rice for him and the white coffee itself. 

** mr perfect has cancel his class, let's meet mrs creepy tomorrow. i hate her!  and the following day will be test! gosh! chapter 1 - 4. i just realize i didn't make any revision at all. say hello to the mr failed.  haha!

have a nice day guys. 

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