Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Gloomy Tuesday

Salam and another hello to u guys.

well today, the weather and sky seems to understand me more the usual. with another hell night for me since those stupid nursing college below my apartment are making millions of noises. from singing, to laughing, followed by lari2 n kejar2 session. men basikal session which is so sumpah menyakit kan hati aku tahap dewa dewi. up to 3am ++ aku berjaga n unable to sleep. wake up dis morning with mata yg sumpah sgt kecil n tak berdaya. tapi terpaksa gagah kn diri gile2 sb tak nak terlepas another class of mrs torrance. hoomaiigod. she is super annoying tahap mentibang laut. we try to speak to her about our difficulties because of her glo-bus. she try to understand us, but yet know we just realize that nothing change. since our main point of the discussion with her dis morning is to ask her understand to make us having more ample time to do that glo-bus. instead of we have to settle it on 1 day. can it be made in 2 /3 days. that is our point. but sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! arghhh! make more difficult.

entah la things getting weird lately and aku rasa will getting more complicated. so memerlukan super ketabahan and kekuatan. thereore, i guess i need toplan few percutian short distance since aku getting giler dgn those hell works of mine. but come on la, last sem kn. hahai. that is the price that i have to pay before grade. well on top of it i just saw a few groupon ticket discount which is so fascinating for me.super cheep and i believe i would love to grab of those token. later will discuss with boo. since our last holiday was at tambun, even cameron pon just 1 day trip. last 1 day trip was at genting last 2 weeks. haha! overnight dlm kereta which is so best sb gile hell sejok smpi ketab2 bibir. tuh sume gara2 hujan yg super lebat.hamikk ko. gile hell sejok.

homaiigod i really need a holiday trip. before that, this weekend i'm going to ask boo to take me to watch reel steel. tak saba nk pegi tgk. sume ckp sedap & best. so nk taw gak. mcm mana kah kebestan dia tuh. lepas tuh this week our pre-wed photo session will be held at kJ. tak saba. tgh pikir2 baju apa yg nk dipakai. since bz wif those works sampai terlupe got photoshoot session later. hoomaigood. apa nk jadik la neh.
got ideas? nk simple2 jerk la kot since malas nk wat preparation yg beria2 sb takot tak sempat nk wat byk2 benda. summore with those assignment yg byk. ok. ya rabbi semoga i have ample time manage things here as well as pink in health. amin!

have a nice day! wish me luck. tomorrow got test. 

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