Friday, 2 August 2013

Its All About Us and Friday.

last day of Ramadhan.

I'm gonna meet Mr Hubby.

Baby gonna meet Daddy.

Its all about Friday.
Its all about us.
The day we meet up after being separate for few days.
Now is not about you and me anymore.
But now, we have another reason to live everyday and to wake up everyday.
Its our precious little new baby Danish.

Seeing Mr Hubby berlari-lari balik and kiss our baby.
Make me realize how perfect my life right now.
I'm having a lovable and protective husband.
and of cos, my cutie pie Danish.

Its the 40th day we've been together.
Its the 64th day me and Mr Hubby being separated since i left for my hometown.
See! its all about sacrificing.

Daddy and Baby Danish.
Both having high fever.
Since Danish having Daddy's blood in her body,
Obviously he is easily infected by his Daddy.
Pity both of them.
Pity Daddy, cant even kiss his baby.
Poor little baby, cant even have a hug from his daddy.

Take care both of you.
Both of you are my life.

I really love the word us before so much. because it really shows how perfect we blend together and belong together. The word US really make me feel belonging to someone. But now, after one year of marriage; our us now have changed. From both of us to three of us. US.

Mommy and Daddy love you!

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Love and more love. Its all about us. 

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