Sunday, 8 January 2012


salam and hi peeps.

its been a long time i didn't update anything in here. seems like i'm to busying myself with all those academic stuff and of cos the wedding. it's kinda havoc for me to have 2 most important event at the same time. well i guess it is not too late for me to say hello 2012 and welcome you for open arms. i shall hope that this 2012 will give me the most memorable memories ever and i'm wishing i'll be given lucky star from Allah to make everything successful.

sure everyone have their own new year resolutions. but as for me, same like previous years. no resolutions at all. haha! since i'm one kind who didn't set anything in mylife. and i still used this motto in my life. ever. do your best and follow with the flow. haha! usually it works on me since, i knew i didn't set any target in my life. but yet so far, until now, i can see that i'm not having any stress in achieving my life. 

as for this year. i just hope i will have my MBA and finish it this year. ohhhh how i really eager and dying to finish it within this sem. and this coming 11 january is the indicator whether i will succeed or not. wish me luck for my upcoming Viva. grrr! **** hoping to finish fill in my questionnaire by today*** ## is esok adalah penentu nyer.! oh ya Allah tlg la hamba mu ini yer!!## ketakotan maseh melanda hati utk bertemu dgn supervisor. hope everything will went very2 well.

oh yer di saat sibok2 struggle utk menghabis kan study. dgn gigih nyer of cos!! haha! well basically, as for today. i have another 137 days to be a bride. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. secara gigih nyer. tak siap pape preparation pon lgik. oh no! am i another bridezilla? haha. hope i'm not. semoga ada kekuatan utk menguruskan nyer and majlis akan berjalan dgn super duper lancar ngan jaya nyer!

ok done for now. nak bersiap pulang ke shah alam. haaaa. another stress week to go through. doakan kejayaan saya yer utk berhadapan dgn supervisor dis coming monday. and this wednesday will be my viva.

sgt gentar. tak sabar nak ketemu incik kekaseh hati. hahaha! he promised to bring me my fav asam pedas ikan merah from pakcik yahya, medan asam pedas, muar! arghhh lazat gigit jari if makan neh.

see this photo here. how tempting it is. arghhh super lazat.

maaf curik pics from incik google dulu.

nanti later i will update my version of ikan merah yer. aduh tak saba nau rasa nyer nk mkn ptg neh. haha.!

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