Wednesday, 9 November 2011

i do hate you.

salam & hello.

is this what we call dugaan?
i really hate it. sumpah.
asik gado.
asik makan hati.
rasa menyirap2.
i just hate people whom always mendesak.
i really hate dis kind of person.
while on the other hand, he things that i'm so fucking irritating.
while me on the other hand side, i keep on thinking why he become so dem pushy?
why? and why must he become one?

small things can become so fcuking big lately.
here and there arguing.
i really miss our moment before get engage.
always happy.
happy as ever.
everything has change.
change until i'm not sure he is still the same person or not.
here and there is our problems.
i really hate to think that way.

i do love him as always.
but times, situation, environment, always become a new challenge for us.
if it is what we call dugaan bertunang?
sometimes silly things, like jelousy.
irritating have become the biggest player after all.
i hate to think that way.
tp. these things are happen lately.

Ya Rabbi ko jauh kan la segala masalah & sengketa antara kami.
n jgn la kau pisah kan kasih syg antara kami.
jgn la wujud sekelumit rasa kebencian antara kami.
tanam kan la nilai2 kasih syng antara kami.
ampuni lah dosa kami Ya Allah.
semoga Kau teros memberi lindungan & menjadi petunjuk di kala kelam.

p/s: i do love u. no arguments on that statement.  
missing u.

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