Saturday, 14 January 2012

marathon updating again.

hello and hi peeps.

it's me again. haha. even thou there is no reader. well its kinda some sort of satisfaction to me to have something and  somewhere to write. this week. its kinda tough week for me. however, i'm manage to get things under control. owh how i love my nerve so much. 1 day before viva, i'm kinda afraid and conscious. then when the big day. i dunno. seems like i'm so calm and no more nerve in me. whenever i'm calm, i know something good will happen to me. well obviously, that's what happen. seriously i'm super duper afraid of it. gile hell takot nk mampos kot. viva in front of those clever professors. oh. i'm afraid i'm gonna loose all my words, and stumble and start mumbling foolishly. haha!

alhamdulilah. berkat kesabaran n doa dari bonda n ayahanda termasuk la incik tunang sy. semuanya berjalan dgn lancar. alhamdulillah again. dear my teammate. thanks you so much to make thing so wonderful for these past few years. it's a pleasure to meet you guys and knowing you, it's the best experience after all.

so know i'm goin to focus more on my final report, to make it perfect as the examiner told us to do. grrr! got few things to add in actually. however, i guess we should managed to do it within time given. in addition to all those things that i should do. i guess i should start focus more on my wedding, its only few days after all. arghhhh as usual, the preparation stuck in the stack of workloads. kihkih. speaking about wedding preparation. another big move that i have made is hiring the gamelan team for me. oh im soooo fucking happy about that. impian ku tercapai jua akhir nya.

Adunan gamelan irama melayu, yes finally! impian tercapai dgn nk sanding ala2 anak raja gitu kan. haha1 feeling again. tuh pon sb my mom ckp manada org biasa sanding boleh pakai nobat. haha1 i request to her to used nobat. gile kan? haha! i love nobat so much. seems like i'm having some kind of relationship with it. duhh? haha! whenever hear the nobat. ayooo. mcm naik syeikh la. di buat nye. laju jek badan n jari jemari bergerak2. weird kn? nakkkkk nobatttt! any suggestion pls? ok back to this group of gamelan. i love their presentation and the way their cooperate with you. even though their groups quite wel-known lately, but yet still the price are very reasonable. oh ya u guys can view their FB in here. ADUNAN GAMELAN IRAMA MELAYU  if berminat can contact Along, and his hp number can be obtained from their fb too. yes. impian terlaksana, ahaks! ***happymode***

 see hemsem abg2 gamelan neh uolss. haha. **credit pic taken from their FB. ampon! nk promo yer abg2. haha!

so dats all for now. will update soon. more updates will be coming. kepala otak berakar2 ngan idea. haha. 1 benda pon tak jalan lagik kn. die me n pity me. anyone nk jadik my wedding planner. pls do so. haha!

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